Sun-Ringle Charger Pro SL 29er Wheelset


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[Jun 10, 2014]
Cross Country Rider


bladed spokes, wide rim, sweet buzzzzzz from freewheel. price, strength/stiffness. hubs roll nice, includes all of the fittings for the different axle options, tubless kit included.


does not include 12mm axle for rear hub
Charger Pro's come in white and black Pro SL's just black
Graphics are not removeble

I cant believe how easy it was to set up the stans. Tire Stem Stans Air Ride. Really easy.

My first ride was fun and great.
The goods.
Love the little buzzzzzzz from the freewheel. Not super loud but cool.
I hate my Geax tires but my Racing Ralphs had a dozen pin holes in the side walls. I know the stans is supposed to fill them up but I want to earn the plugs and not start with them.
So Geax it is until I decide what to replace them with. They are 29x2.20 and look great on the wider rim. The tire profile alone lets me know that I will grab the trail with more efficiency-seems like it sits higher and wider so all of the tire will be in the dirt.

Out of the box I thought they looked pretty good. Hubs are nice and simple, Bladed spokes are great too. I was a little bummed when I realized the graphic on the side is not a decal or sticker but some sort of screen. I wanted to peal off the sticker but I guess I have to live with the billboard. Good thing is I don't have to look at them when I ride so really, does it matter??

back to the ride
-When I first hit the trail when I would crank down it seemed like something in the rear would slip-It did the same thing few times when I really hit it. I took off the wheel looked at what I know how to look at-cranked on the lock ring a little and actually got another 1/4 turn but it shouldn't have been that. But after that it seemed it was good.
I noticed right away that these wheels are faster than what I had on there. Tight in the turns, gobbling up roots and rocks I felt like I was in more control than before. And faster. Now I had the "new toy giddies" so that may have factored into the speed but I road my usual trail 3 minutes faster than last time which is also my best time on that trail
I have about 220 milies on the trail. So, I felt like I was cookin .

My first steep climb I felt the rear hub slip again but very slightly. I just wonder if something had to settle or just wasn't tight enough. whatever. After that it never made another peep. It was fine. I looked again after my ride but couldn't tell anything was wrong.

They just roll and roll well, The buzzzzzzz basically reminded me to pedal. In is in no way annoying.
A good fast easy to set up tubeless light weight off the shelf great set of wheels that MSRP for over $950 and I got on sale at Price Point. Yeah, they were worth it so far. I'll re-review them after a couple of hundred miles.

I though long and hard between the Pro and Pro SL. lot of difference in price. But I am glad I got the Pro SL's.

Yeah, I know I bought them at price point. I looked all over the country for a local shop to build up a set but they were too expensive. When does the consumer get to save some bucks.

I will re-review them in a hundred miles to see if they are really that great. So far I am happy with my purchase.

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none, this is my first tubeless set up and why I didn't do it earlier

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