Specialized Roval Control Trail SL 29 Carbon Wheelset


The 29" version of our Control Trail SL, with unique molded carbon rim, is an insanely light and stiff, 29er-specific XC Trail wheelset.

  • Rim Type: clincher, tubeless ready
  • Rim Material: carbon fiber
  • Rim Width: 28mm, external
  • Front Spoke Pattern: radial/3-cross (1:1)
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: 3-cross (1:1)
  • Spoke Count: 32 front and rear
  • Spoke Type: DT Super Comp
  • Nipple Type: DT Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: carbon/alloy body, 15/20mm thru-axle, and 24/28mm QR end cap options included
  • Rear Hub: CNC machined alloy body, high-quality DT 240 internals and ratchet system cassette, 135/142 end cap options included
  • Bearing Type: sealed cartridge
  • QR: Roval Ti
  • Assembly Method: hand-built


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[Aug 08, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Laterally rigid wheel, vertical compliance at speed, stiffness and/or low weight that made the bike feel fast


I worry about the impact resistance of the rims

RIDER: XC Rider for 25 years. Ride MTB and Road 4ish days per week. 6'0", 165lbs. Ride agressively on XC trails, don't seek out drops, not afraid to hit medium trail features.
TEST TERRAIN: 70 Miles in the Sierras, 30 miles on the SF Peninsula
BIKE SETUP: Niner JET9RDO, Racing Ralphs with Stans 26/28PSI

These wheels felt AWESOME! First time ever riding carbon wheels, but WOW. very quick spin up, confidence-inspiring lateral rigidity, the smoothness seemed to increase with high frequency wheel chatter that comes as speed climbs. RAD.

The extra width vs. the Stans 355 rims I ride now made the 29x2.25 Racing Ralphs feel better than the 2.35 Knobby Nicks I ride on my own Stans rims. Flat, wide, seemed like the ideal wheelset, tires included, for the sierras...shocking considering the Racing Ralphs are considerered more for smoother XC tracks than the rocky, ledgy Sierra trails.

Loved the wheels, but I worry a bit about longevity, as the rims were borrowed with a tiny crack in the vertical part of the front rim, the crack did not progress at all during my 100 miles of hammering.

THANK YOU for letting me test out these wheels!!!

[May 07, 2012]
All Mountain Rider


LIGHT, Stiff, strong so far, cool noise, fast engagement. Easy tubeless mount.


Cost - especially in Canada

I've had these out for about 5 rides so far. Acceleration is very good and the freewheel very nicely (on the brakes if I'm behind someone). I choose the Trail for a bit more durability but mostly for the 21 mm internal width which spreads out my tires and reduced squirm compared to my old 19mm rims. More than the light weight I've really noticed the lateral stiffness. I don't usually notice that sort of thing but you can point these wheels exactly where you want them and be confident that you need virtually no room for error. I wasn't aware of my old wheels deflecting but now its obvious that they were. I'm running a Racing Ralph 2.25 Tubeless Ready on the front and a S-works Renegade 1.95 TBliss on the back. Both mounted up easily on these rims, needed a compressor to seat both. I realy like that Spec. sends adaptors for qr, 15mm, 20mm and 142X12 so I can carry these wheels with me to future bikes. This is a big reason for chossing these wheels over other options that either don't convert or require expensive axel swaps to convert. I'll repost once I have a season on these. One bummer is that CDN retail is $2600 while US is $1700 with the dollar at parity?

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