Shimano XTR WH-M985 Wheelset


Thru-axles aren't just for downhillers anymore. With the advent of the 15mm thru-axle, a dedicated 15mm system is light enough to not scare off all the weight weenies. Gram counting aside, the greatest benefit is the huge amount of added stiffness over a standard quick release. The steering precision of the 15mm axle is paramount, and what you'll notice is more confidence when you're really pushing hard. Shimano has once again taken their top-shelf XTR hubs and paired them with a scandium alloy rim to create this XTR Race WH-M985 15mm Thru Wheelset. They're certainly durable enough to ride during the week, yet light enough to compete on race day. In fact, they're 180 grams lighter than the Trail Wheelset.While there are quite a few chapters to this book, Shimano's dedication to UST rim certification sings the loudest. The testing and certification process is expensive and arduous, but when you're ready to install a tire, you'll appreciate their efforts. A true UST system allows the installation of tires by hand, and they'll seat and inflate using nothing more than a good floor pump. No joke. So ask yourself if you want to ride something into the backwoods that requires luck, black magic, and the dexterity of a surgeon to seat and inflate. Inside the scandium UST rims, black stainless steel 14/16/14 butted spokes center the XTR hubs. Both front and rear hubs are specific to this wheelset due to their compatibility with the straight pull spokes, otherwise they use the same internals as the XTR hubs sold individually. They're comprised of a 7075 T6 aluminum hubshell and axle, rolling on Shimano's cup and cone angular contact bearings. The loose ball bearings and cup/cone race system allows you or your mechanic to set the bearing preload to absolute perfection. By carefully adjusting the locknut assembly, it's possible to remove all radial and axial play in the bearing system without creating drag. In fact, if you've never felt the smoothness of XTR Hubs, you should grab a wheel and let it spin in your fingers for a while. You might wonder why you don't have them on your bike. The XTR Race WH-M985 15mm Thru Wheelset is compatible with centerlock rotors. Though it carries the UST designation, you're not limited to tubeless tires only. Tube-type tires will also work just fine, and you won't have to bother with rims strips either, as the outside wall of the rim is pierced only for the valve stem hole. Both the front and rear hubs are protected from the elements with rubber contact seals and dust caps. The titanium freehub body is compatible with 9- and 10-speed cassettes. The included XTR rear quick release skewer is steel for durability and strength. The front wheel accepts a 15mm thru-axle (included with fork). The rim width of 23.3mm on the outside makes them compatible with tires ranging from 1.5 to 2.25". Both front and rear wheels have 24 stainless spokes in a two-cross pattern and are affixed to the rim with aluminum nipples.Note: The C


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[Jun 12, 2013]
Tally Ho


reasonably light, durable and long lasting, great acceleration, smooth rolling, quiet freehub.


dull colour and graphics

bought the XTR Race wheels 7 months ago at a half price discount, and they have been superb! Roll beautifully, great acceleration, quiet free hub and they still roll totally true after a lot of riding. One of the best purchase I've made for my bike.

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