WTB Wolverine AM TCS Tubeless Tire


Like its Wolverine siblings, the WTB Wolverine AM TCS tire is a sure-footed gripper in most conditions. Its angular, staggered knobs are sure to bite when you want them to. Center knobs use a lower profile design for reduced tread squirm when you're upright and truckin? along at speed. This ensures a fast-rolling tire. When conditions get dicey and you lay the tire over into a loose corner, the progressively taller transition and shoulder knobs dig in, getting you around the bend without fail.The AM TCS designation means that this tire is like Wolverine -- he's a blend of man and metal. This AM TCS Wolverine is a blend of the lightweight 60tpi Race casing and the superior sealing UST bead. You'll get the best of both worlds. Of course, you can run this tire with a tube, but you'll realize the most benefit when you install it tubeless and use liquid sealant to safeguard against punctures. It also features Inner Peace, a narrow strip of nylon inside the casing that does two things -- for tubeless applications, it stiffens the sidewalls and when you use tubes it reduces the chance of pinch flats.The Wolverine AM TCS tire is available in 26 x 2.2". Its GMS dimensions are 54/52. It features a UST approved aramid corded bead. The fast rolling DNA rubber compound has a 60a durometer and is known for its performance and durability.


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[May 29, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Grips well in dry, compacted conditions. Doesn't bleed air. Mates very well to UST wheels. Good cornering grip.


Middle tread disappears faster than your paycheck at Whole Foods. Horrible tread life! $60 tire lasted 15 rides. That is completely unacceptable. Very heavy tire.

I used this tire as a rear along with a Weirwolf up front. Rear traction was good in compacted soil, but lost grip in loose dirt, especially when climbing. I am 205 lbs and 6'-2". The sidewalls felt plenty stiff. Cornering felt good. The only thing that this tire didn't do was grip on loose dirt and last long. Due to this and its weight I wont be buying it again.

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