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Eric Carter's signature tubeless tire, the Excavator, is an aggressive all-around tire that gives you straight line speed, cornering bite and...


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[Jul 17, 2012]
All Mountain Rider


Grippy, better rolling resistance than Nevegal, seats up well


Sidewall is weak compared to other UST tires I have used

I have been trying different rear tires to see if I could find something that lasts longer than a WTB Prowler MX 2.3 UST on my bike so I decided to try an Excavator 2.1 UST.

The tire mounted up fine on my Mavic XM819 rims and I do remember thinking that the bead didn't seem as tight as the Prowler bead as far as working the tire on to the rim initially.

I'm talking about the bead when you are working it on to the center channel of the rim and not after you seat the bead using soapy water and an air compressor.

I ended up catching a piece of granite between the rim and the sidewall of this tire. The granite lodged between the rim and the sidewall of the tire and caused me to burp and lose some air.

After this even the tire was never that good as it tended to burp pretty easily.

This was a bit of a fluke event, however, I have ridden Prowlers in the same area and have hit things on the sidewalls to the point where I have stopped from time to time because the sound would leave me to believe that I just lost a tire (didn't though).

I think the real issue with this tire is that the sidewalls are too thin which leads to some weakness/burping as a rear tire.

I generally ran these on the rear at 25-28 PSI. I can run Prowlers and Trail Kings at 22-25 PSI on the rear with no burping or weakness.

I'm 200 lbs when geared up and I don't ride in an overly aggressive manner.

If I compare this tire to the Prowler MX 2.3 UST, Kenda Nevagal 2.1 UST, and Conti Trail King 2.2 UST I would say that the Conti and Prowler both have stiffer/thicker sidewalls which prevent this type of issue.

The Nevegal seemed to hold up better to hard cornering as well as I could feel the Excavator roll (or the sensation of rolling) on me in a hard corner from time to time.

The main bummer is that this tire costs a chunk more than a Nevegal and a Prowler and not much less than a Trail King (maybe $10 less than a TK 2.2 Black Chili UST).

I would save your money for the Trail King or roll the Nevegal or Prowler if you plan on using this as a rear tire in a trail/AM type setup.

This tire might work OK as a front tire, wish it was made with stronger sidewalls as I really dug the tread pattern and grip. Less rolling resistance than the Nevegal was a bonus too.

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