WTB WeirWolf AM TCS Tire


The new WTB WeirWolf looks like a more polished version of the old one - like a shaved vs. Fu Manchu'ed Mark Weir. We like the new tire, but admittedly miss the 'stache of the week. The WeirWolf TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is ready to go sans-tubes due to its inclusion of a kevlar-corded foldingUST approved bead. It does without the heavy layer of butyl rubber inside the casing intended to airproof typical UST tires. Instead, the WeirWolf TCS uses the lighter 60tpi Race casing. What you'll get is a blended, best-of-both-worlds tire, although we'd recommend adding a liquid sealant to it to protect against punctures on the trail or air leakdown between rides.The WeirWolf TCS tread pattern has been improved by the addition of an extra row of transitional knobs inside the shoulder knobs. This makes it feel grippy and stable at any lean angle, from straight up to insanely laid over. Most of our favorite pictures of Weir feature him nearly dragging his knuckles in the dirt, carving wicked turns, so you know the tire can handle it. The ramped center knobs ease their way into soft dirt and lock in before exiting and shedding. On the hard stuff, the knobs roll smoothly over.The WTB WeirWolf TCS Tire is an all-mountain/all-conditions tire and is available in 26 x 2.1" and 26 x 2.3". Their GMS dimensions are 50/53 and 52/56 respectively. They use DNA 60a durometer rubber for the tread for a sure grip and long life.

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