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Naming a tire after an actor may seem foolish to some, but then again if the tire was named the "Chuck Norris" everbody would immediately know that it was the best tire in the world. However, that's mere fantasy since no tire (or any thing) could ever live up to the roundhouse-kicking potential required of the Norris namesake. WTB has however made a new tire that comes extremely close to the Norris perfection and aptly named it the Bronson (after Charles Bronson). The WTB Bronson is a gritty, rough and tumble, no holds barred tire. It was designed to complement the venerable Weirwolf and thanks to its ramped, low center knobs and aggressive cornering knobs, it rolls fast and grips like death. The knobs are square, but with rounded corners to give the grip of a square knob with the predictability of a round knob.  The AM TCS version uses a UST bead and WTB's Inner Peace sidewall protection, so it can be run tubeless on any rim and you won't have to worry about puncturing in the rocky stuff. If you know anything about Charles Bronson, you know there wasn't a situation he couldn't handle. In the same way, the WTB Bronson tire tackles everything you can ride, then stares back at you with a look that says, "Bring it!" Choose the Race (Fld) versions if you don't need tubeless compatibility and rocks aren't an issue on your local trails. TCS versions have thicker sidewalls and for maximum protection choose the AM TCS.


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[Aug 23, 2012]


This is for the Bronson 2.1 Tubeless ready tire.
Weight, claimed weight of 640g, mine came in at 595g.


Waiting for the seating of the tire on my wheel, went to approx. 35-40psi, when I started hearing cracks, and hisses. I stopped, and thought it was the sealant getting ready to seal, one seat poped, so I kept going, then heard approx. 5 cracks, one right after the other, so I stop at 45 psi, check the wheel again, only to find micro pin hole leaks, all over the side wall. I could feel the air coming out. I rolled the sealant around and it sealed up, but, I eventually took the tire off. I don't want to land hard on it, and have the side wall explode. Their side walls need to be stronger, so I can atleast get a ride in.

Great weight, but weak side walls. I've purchased other UST wheels from WTB, all great The Wolverine and weirwolfs never failed me. I decided to try the Bronson 2.1, due to the nice tread pattern, but, was surprised and disappointed with the quality of the sidewalls. I eventually went with Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 tubeless ready, snake skin wheels. They seated easy, are light, and have a great tread pattern. They are just on the pricy side!

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