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[Aug 29, 2012]


umm... I'm sorry I really can't think of a single thing nice to say bout them, no wait Specialized has a warranty on their tires, so I'm getting my money back! Sure I didn't pay full pop for these god awful tires and I'm still pissed!


1. OH MY GOD HEAVY (1600 + grams for the set or just about a half of a pound heavier than my wheels! HEAVIER THAN WHEELS damn it!)
2. MASSIVE Rolling Resistance, these things are SLOW! Like sitting in traffic slow, like it be faster to walk slow.
3.WICKED stiff casting absolutely no give to the tire even at 40psi
4. Not anything close to something you could call ride quality

I was in a pinch, I just got my Vaya up and running and needed a set of tires for mixed surfaces, I didn't want to wait around for a special order to come in and these where laying around the shop, plus these were cheap and well I went for it, and they TOTALLY RUINED MY DAY! No really they did! Felt like I was dragging 6 cider blocks behind me ( I had lots of time to think about just how much drag these these things have while pushing them up a 10% grade dirt road for a mile or so) The casing is so so stiff that I started out my ride with max pressure of 65 psi for the 12ish miles of bike path (to get to dirt roads of course, I am riding a Vaya!) and they are so hard that I was longing for the soft supple ride of 23mm gator skins with 120 psi. (which you know you'd loose a filling with gators skins with that much pressure.) SO I HAD TO GET OF MY BIKE (Nothing nicks me more and having to stop my bike mid ride) to let the air out put them down to 50, NO CHANGE AT ALL! SO I had to stop again! Knocked them down to 40, funniest thing happens the drag improves but the ride quality goes to absolute crap, riddle me that.
So after taking forever to get to the dirt roads I planned on riding, I figured these had to be good for something, dirt is not what they are good at, Not hard dirt roads, not soft under used dirt roads, not buff single track not sandy single track, or mud,or rocks, or horse poo ( I got censored on this retard site), not messed chip seal, not even smooth as a babies butt bike path. Well I guess I didn't get a flat WHOOPIE DOO!

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