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[Feb 05, 2014]
justwan naride
Cross Country Rider


(Lack of) Rolling resistance, comfort, volume, climbing traction, carcass suppleness, price


Cornering grip when pushed, lack of traction in mud (kinda obvious).

This review is for the 26" 2.2 Fast Trak Sport, the new redesigned version . I intend to use it STRICTLY as a REAR on my XC setup with a 2.2 The Captain Sport as a front, both tubed, mounted on 19mm internall diameter rims.

The two tyres look like they'd complement each other pretty well, with similar round, tall, voluminous carcasses and the way the knobs are arranged in rows.

I only had one serious ride with the FT so far, albeit in wet conditions and with great terrain variation. On the road/fireroad/hardpack it rolls effortlessly and silently as expected. Braking is fine, cornering too. The tall profile offers a very smooth ride in medium-low pressures without sacrifising speed. Going too low will result in a vague feeling and the tyre squirming as the sidewalls don't offer much support. There's a fast flowy section that's cement-hard dirt when dry, but is covered in a thin layer of watery mud after rain. There the FT was still fast, but sideslipped often in high speed turns. Driving traction didn't seem to suffer at all.

On slightly dryer but more rugged terrain it remained composed, offering plenty of shock absorbtion (nice on an alu hardtail). The surprize for me was on loose technical climbs where it performed beyond my expectations. There are two climbs on my typical xc loop that require good technique even when dry so I was pleasantly surprized to clear them on such a minimaly knobbed tyre. The right amount of pressure is obviously critical for this.

Too soon to say anything about wear, longevity and thorn resistance, but will report back after a couple of months.

Overall and based on my impressions so far I'd highly reccommend it for long xc rides where speed and comfort are important. Although it wasn't bad, there are certainly better tyres for wet conditions, and I wouldn't wanna try it in gloopy mud.

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