Specialized Clutch SX Tire


  • Casing: 60 TPI + cap ply
  • Bead: Aramid
  • Center Compound: 50a / Shoulder Compound: 45a


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[Apr 03, 2013]
All Mountain Rider


Stupid amount of traction, cornering and climbing. Durable. Once setup, despite not being tubeless, had no issues running on Flow rims w/ Stan's sealant and tape.


At 1000 grams, they are a bit heavy at times. Not the fastest in terms of rolling and spin up.

Rocking these on a 160mm bike front and rear in the desert SW. I tend to kill tires. The dirt and rock here wear out tread quickly, and jumping into rocky terrain or casing landings tend to eat up sidewalls. Anywhere else I have lived I get 1-2 years out of a front tire, and about a year out of a rear in terms of wear. That is unless I tear out the side wall. Here I get 6 months max out of a front, and maybe 3 out of a rear. This tends to be the norm with anyone in this area, so it must be the type of mineral in the rocks/soil. In any case, I have had them mounted F & R for 5.5 months. The rear has about a month left in it, and the front about another 3. Considering the durometers, this is well beyond expectations. The tread pattern works cornering hard, and climbing just about anything. They don't have as big a gap as something like a High Roller, Ardent, Eskar, Butcher, but still can dig in when it is loose. So you get the benefit of hard cornering in the loose, combined with some semblance of a transition zone. The 1.5 ply sidewalls have held up to abuse. With the same level of abuse I have punctured both the sidewall and tread simultaneously when casing a landing, or carrying too much speed into a rock garden. I have felt/heard the rim hit hard enough that the spokes resonated a few times. They just keep asking for more. Tractions is stupid high when smearing on rock, steep roll ins, etc. 2.3 measure out to 2.2 on a Flow (non-EX).

Bottom line: Hard as nails, hook up like your mom, but spin up/roll slow like your dad.

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