Bontrager XR2 Team Issue 29er Tire


  • Staggered knobs increase traction
  • Confident cornering with multi-edge shoulder knobs
  • Sipe and dimple design increases traction on changing terrain
  • Sidewall protection is supple and strong


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[Oct 18, 2019]


This is a review of both XR2 2.6 Team Issue AND tire insert Pepis tire noodle PTN Rokkline. Mounted on the rear tire of a hardtail. I upgraded to a wide tire to dampen roughness back my GT Zaskar carbon 29 2018. Rims are 23mm wide (ZTR Crest) but due to BST system it let the tire shape more like a i25 mm rim (still a little bit narrow for this combination).PTN sales told me to buy a "M" size insert which was the good choice. Tires width measure 61mm wide, 62mm after a few rides... Not so wide but it's perfect for my frame, more would be riskier. I read a lot about 2.6 tire and not easy to find one with good rolling resistance and good durability. SE2 looks great but they are hard to find. Mezcals looks great also. Nobby Nicks does not rolls so well, Maxxis 2.6 seems to be fragile. XR2 have good characteristics on the paper. Mounting was a little bit complicated, but when done with method as per PTN site, it's not so hard. Be prepared to suffer a little bit.  On the trail: this setup changed my bike. I had a X-king 2.4, and changing to the 2.6 changed everything, it feels like a progressive damping (at the beginning of "stroke" the tire only is compressed, after you get the tire insert which dampens the shock). You can go really faster on rough trails. It is so good, that now I realized that I was not sensitive to fork setup because the rear end was so shaky that it was impossible to feel the front end correctly. Now I can feel better front end (and I feel like I need a fork with more travel!). I did personal records on Strava downhill on rock gardens. The fact is you can reduce pressure a lot. My pump gauge is not calibrated but: on the 2.4 I was using 22 PSI approx.On the XR2 2.6: at 14 psi, I can still run, even in rough trail, but the tire is sluggish (rolling resistance), and when fast cornering in roads, you can feel it's deforming a lot (squirming).At 17psi approx, it rolls well, turns well, dampen well... I am not sure how much of this goodness is due to the tire or to the PTN, I think it's 50/50, you can really feel the damping of the insert. Grip is OK for a rear wheel. It grips less than my X-king but the volume of the tire somewhat compensated. It slips progressively. Durability: I have only a few rides and a 3 days bikepacking on rocky trails. It feels strong but the tire is rather light, a SE2 should have more durability. Conclusion: in cross country / trail, and on a hardtail bike, this combination of 2.6 tire and insert is


Downside: the bike will feel obviously less snappy with wide tires (deformation, grip, weight...)I am not sure how the sealant work with the inserts. Logically it should be less efficient (lots of sealant will be in contact with the insert).The biggest downside I think is onterrain repairability... I did not have to do this but sounds painful. In case of puncture you are supposed to be able to ride back without air pressure, just with the insert.

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[Dec 23, 2015]
Cross Country Rider


Fast rolling, comes in a high volume 2.35 option, tubeless, strong in dryer, hardpack type conditions, self-cleans decently when muddy, very light, sets up tubeless with a floorpump, wears well.


Does not hook up well when wet or rocky and rooty conditions. To the credit of the tire, you cannot win them all.

This is like a juiced up XC tire. Which was what I was looking for at the time, a high volume fast rolling tire.. They are great in the summer time, but when the moisture stays and the trail gets greasy, I would recommend something with more bite. The price is inline with tires of this category. Overall, I am happy with this tire, one thing I have found is that it is pressure sensitive for the discerning rider. Some tires I have ran, I can run the same pressure regardless of conditions. However, I feel like I need to change pressures frequently with this tire.

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