SR Suntour XCR 2014 Forks


  • Right Side: Hydraulic Remote speed-lock w/rebound adjust cartridge
  • Left Side: Coil spring
  • Crown: Alloy / New ZS type design
  • Stanchion tube: STKM
  • Pitch: 130mm


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[Aug 31, 2015]
William Gregory
Cross Country Rider


No thrills fork, does the job, little to no service required if protected by impurities. Very good price for what it is. Seems very solid.


It sometimes feels heavy, especially on climbs. Little over a year after, the fixed/free switch window is kinda off; I have to give it some work to switch the fork from free to fixed and vice-versa. The pre-load switch seems to be imprecise, leaving a lotta turning with little real action on fork tension (or so it seems). One has to dismount the bike (take pressure off the fork) in order to toggle the free/fixed switch. At times, can be a bit noisy, especially on swift compression.

The XCR came with my 29er HT. I'm not a fork expert in any way and do not participate in organized races. Use my bike on both tarmac and dirt, climbs and downhill. This fork does the job nicely. Apart from a few nits, it's a stellar fork, well into the higher echelon within it's price range. Cannot see any reason to switch, it just works. It is sometimes crude, yes, but it doesn't leave one hanging ;)
If you're looking for a reliable 29er fork within the 100$ price range, look no further. Have never serviced any of my previous forks, just clean and lube. With this one, I put on some protection to keep as much of the dirt out: seems to work great, the muck doesn't get inside anymore and I only take them off once a year or so for clean-up & lubrication.

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My previous fork, for a Merida 26 MTB, was a run-of-the-mill SR Suntour that was never service within my 10 year use of it. That thing never let me down. For this reason and not being a nit-picker, I have great confidence in SR Suntour forks. Wouldn't see myself spending more than a couple bucks for a fork and the Suntours offer great value. They seem to be the working man's fork <):D

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