RealRides Race Day Trainer DVD Videos


Noted cycling coach & ex-pro Robbie Ventura does more than host this training video -- he races a national caliber criterium with cameras mounted on the bike to place you among the field of elite riders. You'll see how the race unfolds from his vantage point and from a multitude of other camera angles set along the course at strategic points. The aim of the Race Day Trainer DVD is to give you a benchmark to shoot for as you ride along with the race, trying to keep up and be ready to make massive efforts when it matters.The in-race screen includes vital performance data along the bottom. What you'll see there is Robbie's current heart rate, elapsed time, intensity level, power in watts, % of max power, and cadence. As you ride, you'll see exactly what it takes for him to stay in the group. And given this information, the Real Rides Race Day Trainer DVD will help you see if you've got what it takes to hang in there as well. That said, to get the most from the information in the Training DVD, we recommend that you train with power, whether using a powermeter on your bike or trainers that measure power such as the CycleOps Powerbeam or Pro Indoor Cycle. (40 minutes)

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