Fox Head Diva Women Shorts


Kiss your bike saddle sores goodbye thanks to the heavenly padded comfort of the Fox Diva Women?s Shorts. Let the integrated chamois suck up the bumps of berms and burly drops so you won?t have to walk into work crooked the next day. Ample venting on the thighs keeps you cool on hot rides and a touch of stretchy spandex gives these shorts a flexible feel. When you absolutely HAVE to ride to some tunes, internal cord routing keeps your headphone cord from becoming a tangled affair. Unique, side-zip waist closure and hook-and-loop tabs allow for maximum comfort from the parking lot to the peak.


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[Mar 21, 2009]
Weekend Warrior


The fact that I ordered these shorts one day and two days later I received them was a great plus! The shorts make the ride much better than your butt seat and bike seat!! The padding and comfort that they provide was a great blessing after riding w/o them!! The pockets are large and roomy and the vent zippers are fantastic. The velcro on the waist for sizing has been may be a little smaller in the waist after your trek around bluff creek!


As of yet, I haven't found a weakness:):)

The bottom line is after riding bluff creek one day and then southshore on Lake Bastrop the next, let's say the only thing that isn't that sore, is my seat because of the shorts. Like I said, I haven't been riding that long, and I don't consider myself to be anything more than a beginner, but I would recommend these shorts to any woman that enjoys biking---recreational or "weekend warriors". I really don't think there is anyone I wouldn't recommend these to, unless you're a guy and then you would probably want the guy shorts!!!lol If you want to enjoy your ride and not have anymore aches than ya need, you should really get a pair of these fantastic shorts.

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The only other padded shorts that I have used were the spandex shorts w/padding. They don't even come close to the Fox Diva's.

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