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The Teva Pivot is a skate inspired shoe with a last that was designed for cycling. The reality is that most of us don’t live close to chair lifts and we are hiking our bikes up steep mountain faces. Teva recognized that, therefore, one of the most notable differences between the Teva Pivot and other cycling shoes is that the shank size is smaller. The shank stops before the toes and heel so it’s still very comfortable to walk in.


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[Sep 25, 2014]


Inexpensive on Amazon


Gets dirty easily
Can feel cleats/plate under sole when walking.

So I bought these because they looked good and the reviews from all the bike sites were great. This review is more about the experience with a little about the shoe itself.

Apparently, Teva had several things happen since these were originally released a year ago. The information below was given to me by several Customer Service Reps from the Teva Support desk via email.

The original version of these shoes had a rubber gasket that was placed in between the screw plate and the shoe to keep mud/water out.There was a promotional shoot done with the gaskets which were pictured on all the review sites, but they are not an actual Teva product.

Apparently they recalled the shoe as the gasket caused issues with the cleat loosening from the shoe.

The newer version of the shoe (which I have) does not come with the rubber gasket.So there is no mechanism to keep water/mud from getting in the shoe from the other cleat holes that are not used. Another email to support said that they'd reimburse me for the waterproof seals if I purchased them from a local bike store. Nobody sells them. (The sticker seals come with Shimano shoes sometimes, but no one had any extras).

I called Teva customer support and asked verbally what options I had. They suggested that Duct tape or Gaffers tape is what others are using. Thats disappointing. I was heavily considering returning them back to Amazon.

I ended up keeping them because my other pair of MTB shoes are roughly 8 years old and starting to show wear and tear. I put a small piece of gaffers tape over the screw plate as a temporary solution for now.

The first ride I did, the cleats ended up sliding all over the place when I installed the cleat from the inside of the shoe. Not good grip between the cleat teeth and the silver cleat cut out in the sole.

I removed the cleats and installed the traditional way- much better. Had to tighten the crap out of them. Hopefully I dont have to replace the cleats anytime soon.

The shoe itself isnt that bad. Flexible, light and the velcro strap works well in avoiding heel lift. You do feel the screw plate/cleat under your feet when you walk. I'm going to ride with it a few more times to see how hard I can push the shoe/cleat combo.

I was hoping for 2014/2015 they would do some improvements on the product line, but apparently Teva shut down their bike collection line and will no longer making shoes for cyclist. That sucks cause a buddy of mine said the Links shoe is the best he'd ridden in the past few years.

If you do buy the shoe, just be aware you can get all that crap seep into shoe...

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