Capo Drago Jersey


The evolution of performance fabrics for cycling jerseys doesn't have the same richness as the evolution of bicycle frame technologies, over the many storied years of our sport. We had wool, then we tried cotton, then polyester, and then we just decided that we were fine with polyester and that was that. The Capo Drago Jersey is a new evolution in jersey construction and one that has re-written the boundaries of using only simple polyesters and Lycra. It's an evolution befitting of the highly evolved specimens we wheel out of the garage for every ride, and one that you should certainly take notice of.In creating a jersey that defied convention, Capo had to completely re-think their design and production processes from the ground up. The goal was to create a garment of superior quality, comfort, performance, and protection, therefore run-of-the-mill polyester or pedestrian blends of Lycra would not be good enough. Thus, the Advanced Technology System (or 'ATS') was born. The idea behind ATS was simple: Capo would create their next generation of ride-enhancing cycling garments by combining the most technical Swiss and Italian fabrics they could find with the most advanced production methods available. You could think of ATS as a bit of Italian mad science; a highly polished experiment in conceptual performance textiles, not unlike the exotic supercars that might grace the show floors of the Geneva Motor Show. Except these exceptional bib shorts go beyond existence as a concept, and are available to the discerning public.The fully-featured Drago Jersey sits proudly at the top of the ATS line -- a technological marvel of fabric blending and modern garment tailoring. Capo admits it's the most complicated jersey they've ever created; it's an active, living and breathing garment designed to adapt to your body's temperature, fit, and moisture management needs as you ride. And we wouldn't be prone to disagree. The Drago is also the most elastic jersey Capo has ever made -- it fits with a pronounced weightlessness, yet is exceptionally strong. Four separate fabrics comprise its ergonomic multi-paneled, and fully-taped construction: the most prominent being the Flash ATS, which is a superlight tricot knit that keeps the jersey fantastically stretchy while expediting moisture transfer and virtually eliminating its dry time. Capo uses laser-perforated stretch mesh in the underarms, and antimicrobial carbon core threads in the mesh back panels to further regulate critical temperature zones while you ride. The jersey features a soft, microfiber collar that resists chafing, and a tight elastic hem that holds it in place whether you're standing on the pedals or hunched over in the saddle. We also really like the contrasting zipper with its protective garage at the hem of the jersey, to protect your bibs from zipper abrasion. It's a small detail for sure, but it further evidences Capo's absolute attention to every detail, and their dedication to leaving no stone u

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