Giordana Hydroshield Taped Rain Jackets


Many cyclists we know whine about the rain. It's wet! Whatever. Get used to it. If you ride, you're going to have to ride in the rain someday. Some days, you're starting in the wet and riding into dry or starting in the dry and riding into rain. Rain happens. Sometimes all day for days on end. Get yourself a good rain jacket; you'll bemoan the price until you use it, then you'll be happy you bought it every time rain is forecast. Giordana's Hydroshield Taped Rain Jacket is one you'll want, as it is not only breathable, but it packs small.Breathability is owed to the material. It's called Sentry. Like many other jackets, it's a laminate. Unlike other laminates, it possesses no pores. Rather than having micro pores that can potentially stretch and crack from use or get plugged up by salts and oil and dirt, the seemingly

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