Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Jackets


If you're accustomed to wearing your ski jacket during a winter ride, by all means, proceed. But, if you want something that's flattering, functional, and lightweight, the Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Jacket is for you. With more technical features than your car, and a cut that eliminates bulk without being restricting, the FR-C Jacket is the logical choice for your wardrobe this winter.To create a protective layer at a climate range below freezing, Giordana used multiple layers to form the FormaRed Carbon jacket. Each section of the jacket serves a specific function, and their careful selection ultimately avoids a bulky design. Starting with the outer layer, Giordana used a high-density material that looks and feels like a lighter, more malleable version of soft shell. While adding to the overall insulation, the fabric uses a tight, spiral weave to serve its primary function -- moisture transfer and evaporation. Sound out of place? Well, think of the entire jacket working like an ecosystem, with multiple elements working in harmony towards symbiosis. Directly under the outer-layer is a regulating membrane that's constructed from the patented WindTex fabric. WindTex provides a complete protection from intruding elements while still allowing escaping vapor and heat to pass to the outer surface. This characteristic is further enhanced through the addition of doubled, Super Roubaix wrist cuffs. The jacket also has a heightened neck with an inner-sleeve to fight the cold.So, we have our regulatory layers, but aside from keeping the icy wind out, what's keeping you warm? Well, that would be innermost layer of the FR-C jacket. Made from a soft, breathable polypropylene (similar in makeup to polyester), the fabric insulates by retaining air close to the surface of the skin. As you ride, your rising core temperature heats this air, and the jacket creates a warming insulation layer. With assistance from the other breathing fabrics, FormaRed allows excess heat to escape and creates a consistent internal temperature. Equally important, the soft-pile inner-fabric pulls moisture from the skin to keep you riding dry, because you can't stay warm when you're wet. Remarkably, all of this is achieved within a construction that feels more like a long sleeve jersey than a jacket.With a multi-panel, minimally seamed design, the FR-C jacket features a slim cut while retaining a full range of motion. Accent panels have been strategically placed around the jacket to ensure this, but they also double as ventilation ports. For on-the-fly ventilation, Giordana included a full-length front zipper that's been reinforced from the elements with a Aerofix AVTM inner-flap. This means that when the zipper is closed, no chilly drafts are going to infiltrate the body of the jacket. Giordana also added three rear pockets, a zippered compartment, and reflective piping for low-light conditions.The Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Jacket is available in the colors Black/black, Purp

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