Giordana FormaRed Carbon Lightweight Jackets


If you think that your ski jacket is suitable for winter rides, give it a shot for 40 miles and get back to us. You need protection that's both lightweight and breathable. Basically, you need the Giordana FormaRed Carbon Lightweight Jacket.Giordana's FormaRed Carbon Lightweight jacket is made from a host of sophisticated fabrics, strategically located to provide a flexible and breathable protection from the elements. Comprising the bulk of the construction is Giordana's HD44 Light material. Utilizing three very different layers, HD44 Light works in symbiosis to block out the rain, wind, and cold, all the while retaining a light weight design that releases excess heat and moisture. How does it do this? Well, it's easier to explain than to perform. To start, the outer-layer has been grandfathered in from the days of Body Clone technology. This HD44 fabric plays host to multiple functions, foremost being its aerodynamics. The 44 in HD44 refers to the number of threads per square centimeter in the material. Needless to say, this is an extremely compact weave, and while this deflects exterior elements and increases smooth airflow, it also promotes a rapid transfer of moisture away from the skin. To further its level of protection, Giordana gave it a DWR treatment at every point of the jacket.Residing just underneath HD44 is a windproof and water-resistant WindTex membrane. This semi-permeable membrane works to keep the water off and to push the sweat out. It also regulates the internal temperature, allowing excess heat to escape. This is possible only because it's so effective at blocking the wind and rain. Essentially, in the pseudo-scientific sense, the space between your skin and the fabric becomes a vacuum-like micro climate that's easier to control. Now, to round out the third element in Giordana's trifecta of protection is the HD22 material. This fabric lays on the skin, and for good reason. Being the softest and smoothest of the three materials, HD22 is a heavy wicker that's free from abrasion. On top of this, Giordana has given HD22 an antibacterial treatment that will keep the stink away.Now, HD44 Light is used almost everywhere, but what about the back of the jacket? Well, the back, pockets, upper side panels and the extended collar use Giordana's new Dual Fit Strong fabric. Using a dual weave construction, this material makes use of what Giordana calls its Reduced Point of Contact technology. This is where the spiral shaped weave process minimizes the points of contact between the skin and the fabric. Essentially, this generates a micro-circulation that keeps you dry and ventilated. On top of this, Dual Fit Strong is extremely malleable and durable. That's why it's been used at points of the construction that require stretch and elasticity.So, we realize that the massive cast of fabrics sound bulky and heavy, but this jacket is called the Lightweight for a reason. As a unit, the jacket is light and airy. And when you total in the freedom of

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