Giordana FormaRed Carbon Light Jackets


If you're looking for a single jacket to take you through the winter, this could well be it. The Giordana FormaRed Carbon Lightweight Jacket is a workhorse. A stylish workhorse that is new and yet quite familiar. We're thinking this could be the ticket for sub-freezing days through the mid-40s. As much as we love our Fugujack, it's too warm for a tempo ride in 35-degree weather. This top could definitely keep us warm without bathing us in sweat. And when you compare this to Giordana's standard FormaRed Jacket, the same holds true: This version is more comfortable at slightly warmer temps.A classic winter jacket design is one with a windproof chest, mostly windproof arms, and a breathable back. In the bad old days, this type of jacket was created by stitching nylon panels to the outside of a wool jacket. The chest worked out ok, but the arms were either given so much material as to be flapping in the wind, or so tight, you could barely bend your arms. The FormaRed Carbon Lightweight Jacket embraces these conventions, but with a totally modern take. The chest and most of the arms are made of Giordana's Versatect fabric. This is a thin, lightweight, flexible elastic breathable waterproof and windproof fabric. So it stretches and conforms and feels good even when keeping the elements from moving through the jacket. The folks at Vagotex, makers of Windtex, have found a way to make their membrane much more elastic than it's been in the past, which explains the upgrade by Giordana. The reverse cam-lock zipper has a draft flap behind it so nothing can flow through there. The inner-arm panels and back panels are made of Moovix HD, a winter-weight spandex-type material that has great loft but is still pretty light and wicks very well. It has a controlled stretch that can help with a little compression in the arms and across the back, offering your muscles greater support. The hems have elastic inside them, keeping them close to the body. There are three rear pockets with a fourth zip pocket stitched into the middle pocket. The logos and the piping around the rear zipper are reflective.

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