Capo Riserva Wind Vest Jackets


The art of designing a wind vest is something that few manufacturers have mastered. Though in our highly romantic youth we rode on December days with the Sunday Times stuffed down our jersey and long sleeve cotton undershirt, nowadays we've graduated to proper vests. The Capo Riserva Wind Vest combines utilitarian practicality with the same outstanding looks that define the whole Riserva line.The WindTex Flight Plus fabric on the front panels of the vest has the right mix between weight and suppleness. As light as it feels, you'll be astounded by how well it keeps the wind from penetrating to your undershirt. Make no mistake: this is a heavy-duty wind stopping fabric. Capo has been careful to include a mesh back to allow for excellent ventilation and to prevent any overheating.Perhaps our favorite aspect of the vest is that Capo had the foresight to add three roomy back pockets. Why don't more vests have this, we always ask ourselves? Mind you, it adds a bit of bulk compared to a vest with no pockets, but it's still packable in a jersey pocket. Ultimately, it's a layer that is best worn on very cool, blustery days when wind protection for your core is what you need for comfortable riding. On such occasions, you're constantly fumbling underneath a typical vest digging in your jersey pockets. Who wants to do that, though? We'd much rather have the pockets on the vest so that we can have immediate access to our gel packs, phone, money clip, and even have room to stash one more layer in case the weather turns to rain. The Capo Riserva Wind Vest is the perfect foil for those blustery days. And since it matches the rest of the Riserva collection, you can feel all the more PRO when you combine it with your Riserva Knickers and Long Sleeve Jersey. It is available in Small through XX-Large.

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