Giro Cipher Full Face Helmet


The all-new Cipher™ is built around the demands of freeride and enduro, with a lightweight fiberglass shell, plush interior padding, and vented brow ports for unrivaled cooling and comfort.


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[Dec 21, 2013]
All Mountain Rider


Looks good, tight fit, matte finish is sweet, adjustable visor.


Poor quality control by GIRO...velcro holding liner is weak. Headliner is un-removable.

Ordered this helmet back in November and was really excited about it. Jenson was able to get a few in and sent me one earlier than the back-order stated. Great customer service as they re-routed the package for me.

I opened the package and found a great looking helmet at first glance...sadly, there are too many details that show poor handling or poor quality control by Giro. There were small scratches on the helmet...not a big deal cause I'm sure there will be more, but I like to be the one who puts scratches on things I buy new. The velcro that holds the cheek liners is already ripped off from the helmet. I was inspecting how you remove the cheek pads and you can see the velcro is coming off the helmet, so I decided to leave it alone cause it will likely come off if I remove the "removable" pads. There was also a glop of what looks like super-glue on the visor. Also there are cut marks or tool marks on the helmet next to both bolts that hold the visor on.

I want to love this helmet, but it kind of feels like the helmet I bought is not "brand new." This isn't Jenson's fault, and all of what I mentioned are issues I can live with...I was just hoping for more quality control from GIRO.

As for the helmet fit, it fits tight as a new helmet should. I crushed my ears a little putting it on, but once it is on, my ears popped into the pocket nicely. Feels very secure and the strap is top notch. I haven't ridden with it yet, so can't speak to its ventilation. I have no doubt that it will stay secured on my head though. As stated earlier, it looks great, minus the paint scratches.

For the most part, I love the helmet...but I can only give it three stars due to the condition it arrived in. One star for GIRO's quality control!

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