DeFeet Armskins Lite Armor and Pads

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DeFeet Armskins Lite are thinner and less insulating than DeFeet's standard Armskins. These are an alternative to full-on warmers, a warmer for those who want an arm cover-up for those rides where a regular warm warmer is overkill; those rides when you've got your thinnest base layer on and you know it's going to warm up.The DeFeet Armskins Lite can also serve a second purpose: Protection from sunburn. While we prefer sunscreen, some people can have strong reactions to both sunscreen and the sun and having a simple cover that keeps your skin protected while adding minimal warmth can be a great thing.While the Lites have the same fiber breakdown as the regulars, they are knit differently. They call it a 2x1 knit mesh, for the machine that the warmers are made on. It's an open mesh weave, so somewhat more porous, which allows more air to flow through the warmers, and also allows them to dry faster. Just like the regulars, they are CoolMax on the inside and nylon/Lycra on the outside. Like the regular Armskins, the Lites start with a cuff at the wrist and are a seamless tube all the way up. The Lites have a 1.25" cuff. The Armskins Lite are designed to be worn at 55-degees Fahrenheit and above. Mildly cool days. The material is 49% CoolMax EcoMade, 47% Nylon, and 4% Lycra. DeFeet recommends washing the Armskins on cold and tumble drying on low, but the big no-no is bleach. Bleach on DeFeet accessories is a bad idea. Two sizes area available, Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. They say the dividing line is 5'9" and 160lbs (175cm and 72kg). At either dimension or smaller, go with the S/M, larger go with the L/XL. If you're in the middle, size up. If you've got a long wingspan of spindly arms, size up as the greater length will help them stay in place.

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