Jagwire Ripcord Diy Brake Cables


Jagwire Ripcord Brake Cable & Housing Kit, comes with everything you needTo connect your brakesTo your levers. Brake housings are Kevlar reinforced for improved performance Works well with mechanical disc brakeTeflon coated cables are single-endedShimano/SRAM Includes ferrules,Tips, donuts and a sealing liner


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[Aug 11, 2013]


Stiff compressionless housing, slick cables, easy to use


Only 2 POP ferrules for a pair of brakes?

Like many who use the Avid BB7 brakes, I found my basic Shimano cable housing to be under built for the task: Initial braking power was good, but the stopping power didn't increase with the rate of leverage at the lever - the harder I pulled, the less improvement I gained from the brake. Standard housing is the weak link in this system.

I just installed a Ripcord set up on the front brake, and immediately I noticed a big difference: 1/2 less lever travel to get a firm stop at the caliper. Why? The housing is unlike any other I've seen, and immediately you can feel how much stiffer it is while handling it fresh from the package.
Why its stiffer and better: Unlike XTR, Jagwire basic, and other housings which have a single coil of steel inside, the Ripcord housing has derailleur housing-like steel strands that run lengthwise with the housing. This would be catastrophic usually (as the brake cable would work its way between a few strands and eventually burst out the side), but the Ripcord steel strands are wrapped with a Kevlar weave to prevent separation.

So initial indicators is that this stuff will make mechanical discs viable again. For ~$35, this is a great upgrade to a BB7 system, so it gets 5 chilis for value. I gave an overall rating of just 4 chilis because it only came with two alloy ferrules (it also included 4 others that have long plastic noses, but I can't put these in my lever or into the caliper). I can't think of any set up that would only require one per brake, so I had to borrow a few more alloy ferrules from another project. Hopefully if you go purchase this kit, your LBS will have some spare ferrules on hand.

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