DEDA Zero 100 Servizio Corse Stem


The madness we've seen for carbon fiber handlebars in the last few seasons is hardly a passing fancy -- it's one of the most common requests we hear for high-end road bikes. They add lightness and stiffness and a healthy dose of style in comparison to aluminum bars, and perhaps most importantly they've proven their durability to us as well.By contrast, though, carbon fiber stems haven't found the same traction. Why? It's mostly because the weight savings they offer is marginal, and their performance benefit is equally elusive. And given the cost differential between a carbon fiber stem and and a high-end alloy one, it's a tough expense to justify. And when you give some thought to Deda's Zero100 Servizio Corse stem, it might now be outright impossible to justify the need for a carbon stem.The Zero100 Servizio Corse stem is made from 2014 aluminum alloy. Deda uses their proprietary 3D forging method to maximize the durability of the alloy (forging preserves the structure of an alloy to a greater extent than CNC'ed alloy.) The 3D process means that Deda uses a special lubricant in the mold during the forging process that allows them to keep the stem walls supremely thin -- varying from 1.5mm all the way down to 1.1mm. The thin walls bring one central benefit, of course: Ultra-lightness. The Zero100 Servizio Corse tips the scales at a mere 117g in a 120mm length, rivaling the weight of any carbon fiber stem in the market. And Deda uses titanium bolts as one added detail to keep weight to a minimum.The Zero100 Servizio Corse is available in 10mm increments from 90mm-130mm and has the standard 82 degree rise seen on almost all Deda stems. It comes in a 31.7mm clamp size only, and is available in two colors -- the same matte black we've all become familiar with on the Deda Newton, and a "Dark Metal Polish" we'll call grey. If it's outright stiffness you're looking for, Deda still suggests their Newton stem. But if you're looking for the balance of stiffness, lightness, and durability the Zero100 Servizio Corse is ideal.The actual weights of the Deda Elementi Zero 100 Servizio Corse Stem: 90mm is 106g. 100mm is 117g. 120mm is 125g. 130mm is 130g.

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