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WTB Comfort V Saddle. The sporty Comfort V saddle suits recreational and leisure riders looking for a deeply cushioned saddle with broad sit bone support. Features: Flex-tuned shell with Comfort Zone


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[May 19, 2016]
William Gregory
Cross Country Rider


Exceptional geometry for those of us with wider rear ends, the love groove makes a real difference and a very slight whale tail allows for better acceleration. For the specs, it is a low weight trekking saddle that provides excellent cushioning that still retains a firm grip on your precious bum.


I'm reviewing the 2016 version, all black, "Comfort" designated saddle that comes with a very nice feeling, soft yet firm padding and an almost rubbery, synthetic leather cover that feels good to the touch and does not seem to overheat. My only worry is that the cover might not be so tough in the long run, especially if scratched. The back-side panels are made from the same material and would not be a match to the ruggedness of, say, a Rocket that has special tougher material for the back-side panels. So far so good, though :)

The 2016 budget Comfort saddle comes in all black synthetic leather cover, soft but supportive padding and black steel rails. For a 172x260 trekking saddle, it weighs an acceptable 400g and weight is distributed evenly. For the price I got it for, it's literal a steal. It is by far the most comfortable city/trekking saddle my jagged behind has had the privilege of mounting.
WTB's own Love Groove makes a heck of an impact (or rather, lack there of ;) ) and provides a smooth & unobtrusive ride for the tender strip of flesh that usually gets bruised when riding non-cut saddles. There is even a slight whale tail to provide for much needed support for those times when you slam yr feet on 'em pedals. It's just brilliant how the nose, although bending downwards for up-saddle riding support, also bends a slight bit upwards on the upper part and that just provides a good lock-down for those longer peddling sessions.
The 2016 budget version comes in all black, with shiny black almost-embossed "Comfort" written in the deep groove and white WTB branding on the sides and in the back, with the addition of the company logo.
Fact is, I'm just tickled with this saddle. Couldn't have come up with a better pick! If you're in the market for a spectacular city & trekking saddle, your search is over, the WTB Comfort is a doozy!

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