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The Fizik Antares is great if you like a flatter saddle like the Arione, but long for a bit more width, more like the Aliante. In fact, the Antares nestles into the middle ground between the two. In comparison to the Aliante, the sweet spot is bigger, meaning you can shift around on the saddle more and still be comfortable -- on long climbs, in the drops -- as your body position reacts to the road. The Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle is a special version designed primarily for comfort without giving away anything with regard to your performance. The Versus range of saddles makes use of thicker foam than their standard Fizik counterparts. It is specifically shaped to provide more padding for your sit bones to keep them from getting tender on long rides. For your soft tissue, there's a channel that runs the length of the saddle top. It provides pressure relief and helps to improve airflow. Versus marks the first time we've seen a channel in Fizik saddles. The designs have been in development for quite some time, but they've just determined the shapes to be ideal through long-term laboratory blood flow analysis and thermal mapping of multiple groups of test subjects.Most saddles are barely 40mm wide at the nose, but the Antares is a bit different. Its nose width is 45mm, giving it added comfort if you're in the drops or if you typically ride with a significant saddle-to-bar drop. Another element that adds to the cush, the comfort, the give, of the saddle is the carbon-reinforced nylon shell. It flexes gently across the entire span between the front and back ends where the rails support the shell rather than being stiff in some places and forgiving in others.The K:ium (pronounced "Koom," rhymes with zoom) rails is an evolutionary step forward from titanium rails. They're 8% lighter, have greater strength to weight ratio, and damp more vibration. The damping is thanks to the Silicium. The shiny look is thanks to the chrome content. The chrome increases corrosion resistance, which helps with overall durability.The Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle comes in Black only. The length of the Antares is 274mm, and it's 142mm at its widest. It possesses Fizik's Integrated Clip System (ICS) so you may attach a Fizik light or saddle bag directly to the saddle without the need for straps. The Microtex cover is perforated for airflow, and since it's a synthetic material, it's antimicrobial, fade resistant, and won't stretch or crack.


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[May 31, 2014]
Cross Country Rider


Perfect for mountain biking. Excellent comfort, just the right amount of cushion for the sit bones, channel prevents numbness, longer and wider nose enhance climbing.


A bit on the pricey side, but the comfort is worth it. Microtek cover scuffs easily if you lean your seat on walls or on the ground, but who really cares what the corner of your seat looks like, especially, when you a$$ is hanging over it?

In my opinion, this is the perfect saddle for mountain biking. I don't know why Fizik doesn't market this saddle more for mountain biking. The Antares a medium width saddle that is slightly flatter and longer than most of the saddles on the market. The flatness allows your sit bones to contact the saddle without the middle part of the saddle making contact with your perineal; this is a big benefit in terms of comfort. The extra cushion for the sit bones is perfect for mountain biking and longer rides. I'm 180 lbs., and I'd say the firmness of the padding is just perfect. It provides just enough cushion to allow for some molding to your sit bones and softens the hits just a tad.

The best part of the saddle, though, is the combination of the extra cushioning at the sit bones with the relief channel in the middle. The channel prevents the center of the saddle from putting pressure on the perineal and the numbness that comes from that.

The other benefit of the saddle is that it's fairly long and has a wider nose area. The nose area also has the channel. This allows for better steep climbing b/c you can move forward quite a lot and thus stay seated for steep climbs.

I've tried a lot of other saddles, including the Fizik Tundra (a bit on the narrow side for me, and it doens't come in the Versus version), Fizik Aliante (less flat and thus more pressure on the perineal), WTB Rocket V (not as comfortable), Pure V (not as comfortable), and Silverado. Of these saddles, I'd say the WTB Silverado is the closest in terms of comfort, but the Silverado has a smaller "sweet spot" in terms of comfort because there's a small valley in the middle of that saddle where you're supposed to sit.

This Antares Versus is a bit on the pricey side, but you can pick one up for a good price on ebay. This is the last saddle I'll ever's that good. In my opinion, it's worth the price. Oh yeah, and Fizik stands behind its products, even if the service is a bit on the slow side and they take long summer vacations.

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