Ergon Phorm S 330 Gel Max Saddle


For Phorm and their team of highly trained comfort scientists "Unisex" is a forbidden word. Differences between the sexes in the pelvis shape and in the soft tissue areas mean that it is essential for saddle ergonomics to be different too. The Ergon Phorm s/330 Gel Max Saddle is designed perfectly for the male anatomy. With 3 zone comfort principles including a center cutout for maximum pressure relief, soft density foam for further pressure relief and finally supportive foam for the balanced distribution of weight onto your sit bones in their "dynamic loading" zone, the Phorm saddle is really the ultimate in comfort engineering. It is most comfortable when paired with a slightly inclined riding position and is perfect for mountain biking, fitness riding or trekking. With a wind and splash guard under the relief channel and the perfect ergonomics for sit bones ranging from 130 to 160mm you can trust that the Germans have your butt covered, all you have to do is focus on moving it forward.

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