Shimano SLX BR-M675 Disc Brake System

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As mountain bikers, it's easy to appreciate a fantastic set of brakes. However, once on the trail, a disappointing experience has dire consequences. Thankfully, though, Shimano's BR-M675 SLX Disc Brakes have all of the trail-taming power of its top-tier XTR offerings, only in a package that's...


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[Jul 17, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Strong, cheap, Easy set-up, no noise, great feel, shimano quality


nit-pick here...the cotter pin that holds the pads, but I could truly care less

I read reviews but don't usually write them. I have to on this brake system. I am a self admitted bike snob, boutique handmade steel and ti hardtails, xtr or xt, nothing lower (until these brakes came out). I have XTR brakes and XT brakes. These brakes replaced a brand new and noisy avid bb7 set on a steel 29er SS. The Avids were set up properly with avid flackjacket system, etc. Why did I ever waste my time and money on them? Back to the SLX's. I bought them at blueskycycling for $79.99 a side! I ordered one shimano ice tech rotor for the front (160) and a regular shimano rotor for the rear as well. Put them on last night, rode them today, dragging them ever so slightly from my house to the trailhead (yes, I'm that lucky) for a semi-run in. Jumped on the trail with a great Shimano feel that I have come to love, no noise, and a very strong feeling out of the box without hardly being ran in. It felt so nice to be on a brake system that was so cheap that felt so great. I would put them on my other 5 hardtails in a heartbeat, no question. I will say believe the hype on the SLX's. Like someone else said, XTR power at 1/3 of the cost. I can't wait to ride them again, as I know they will only get stronger and better feeling with more miles on them. Do yourself a favor and get at least the SLX version, if not higher. Heck, I bet even the Deore brakes rock. Well done Shimano!

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