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The La Ruta is just what the all around XC rider is looking for. We could go on and on about the La Ruta but we feel it's better to direct you to our customers who do a great job describing the features and benefits of the bike.


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[Sep 19, 2018]


I am on my second La Ruta frame. I purchased a 2102 in 2015 and loved it. I recently purchased a 2015 in Spring of 2018. The frame is excellent for what it is which is a fast light cross country machine. The travel is just enough to take the edge off for 80-90% of my riding. The usual phenomenal Funk quality is evident in the build and workmanship of the frame. I will definitely upgrade again when i find another ot maybe a Mas Mas.


Both my frames are QR as opposed to thru axle. Although not usually and issue, I am 200lbs and occasionally need to re-center the rear wheel. Rear clearance is fine but I believe newer model can accommodate a wider rear tire as well.

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[Mar 09, 2017]
Weekend Warrior


Light frame that's well made


Outdated: suspension design too simple (open-mode on shock...severe bobbing!); geometry has long stays, steep head tube

This is a good bike, but not a great one - at least not by the latest standards, and not for the money. The simplicity of the flex blade suspension is nice, and it certainly makes the bike light, but it has some notable downsides. The effective pivot location is poor and it therefore relies heavily on the platform of the shock to prevent bobbing. In open-mode, the bobbing is so bad that I never used it in any scenario where I might need to pedal. In trail mode, with platform set firm, the pedaling is efficient, but the ride is not something you could accurately call "plush". Yes better than a hardtail, but not competitive with other XC full suspension bikes. I think part of that perceived firmness is also due to the amount of travel: Funk claim 80mm on this bike, but not sure what that's based on because according to what I measured, the truth is really somewhat shy of 60mm!?! So that makes this bike more of a soft-tail by class, rather than FS.
Chain stay length on the bike is almost 18" which is at least 0.5-1.0" longer than where the top 29ers are now. The bike feels quite stable on straight fast downhills, but doesn't get around tight switchbacks as well, and lifting the front wheel is harder. The long rear is paired with a steep head angle which is fine in some situations, but definitely not confidence inspiring on technical descents. This is old-school 29er geo, and I feel like the market moved beyond it for a (good) reason.

[Jun 15, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Customer Care


None - Seriously, None.

I recently purchased at Funk La Ruta (size Large) as an ‘upgrade’ from my Yeti ASR-SL. I am 6’1” & 170lbs and the size is a perfect fit for me. Going to a 29er made a lot of sense for me for a number of reasons. 1 – Being a taller individual I feel the length and height of the bike made more sense from a fit and handling perspective. 2 – The many of benefits of the 29er in the area of a larger footprint (better traction) and smoother rolling over the larger obstacles made a lot of sense as well. Regarding material, to me, Titanium is the superior material of choice, especially for a XC MTB. Great ride quality coupled with unsurpassed durability, (carbon cannot have this same conversation).

What I have really grown to appreciate about the Funk La Ruta is the craftsmanship, design and attention to detail. Daryl funk, founder of Funk Cycles, is known by many in the biking industry as a thought leader with his bike designs. The La Ruta showcases this to the highest level. A pivot-less full suspension 29er w/ 3” of rear travel all at ~23lbs. Simplicity, Efficiency, Performance & craftsmanship all tied together.

The ride quality of this bike is absolutely amazing. My first rides on this bike were in Moab UT where all I did was smile from ear to ear for 3 days. The geometry, the design and the material all come together to deliver a superior riding experience. I felt like my confidence in handling, balance and speed jumped an entire notch overnight with this bike. I attribute this to the Titanium, design and build-craftsmanship. At times I feel like a 12 year old driving a Ferrari (not that I know what that feels like), but the quality, technology and craftsmanship is far beyond anything that my biking abilities will come close to achieving (unless my wife lets me quit my day job)!

Lastly, Funk Cycles has been around for a number of years, yet I have observed that in the last ~2 years the operations side of the business has grown and really stabilized. The customer service is top notch. Working with Dave is a true pleasure. Being a Colorado Native, and Funk Cycles based here as well, gave me a tremendous amount of comfort in knowing I was investing not just in a top of the line XC bike, but in a well run Colorado based company.

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