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With 160 mm of perfectly tuned suspension and unmatched traction and control, the Hail Advanced will allow you to go faster than you thought possible. Predictably drift through corners and hold your line with confidence in speed-sucking rock gardens. Take advantage of the super lightweight frame design with mind-blowing power transfer, for extra climbing prowess while ascending to the top of your favorite runs. Hail Advanced is meticulously crafted to offer the highest-performing componentry, geometry and tuning available. The 27.5-inch wheel size ensures that bike handling is still nimble and playful – perfect for aggressive trail riding, bike park runs and enduro racing.


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  • Hail Advanced 0
  • Hail Advanced 1
  • Hail 1
  • Hail 2


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[Sep 21, 2017]
All Mountain Rider


I loved the feel of the fork. It gave me a lot of confidence to tackle stuff I wouldn't normally ride. It gobbled up drops easily and smoothed out chunky sections big and small. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it climbed for being a longer style bike. The hail I rode also had 2.5 tires and they felt awesome on this bike. I loved the traction it gave me on the climbs and on the loose rocky descents the 2.5 tires always felt like they were seeking out the best traction possible. And downhill turns felt amazing.


My body position on the bike in general didn't feel as low and aggressive as I'd like for enduro style riding. Some of that could be the bottom bracket (which felt noticeably high to my taste,) but I'm sure other things about the geometry were also contributing to that also. The upright body position felt nice on the climbs but felt a little passive on the downhills.

This is a great bike but not for every female rider.

This bike is best for a female rider who wants a bike to help her tackle gnarly terrain at higher speeds, but still prefers the more upright body position of a more beginner/intermediate female rider.

If you're an aggressive female rider who is always pushing her technique as well as speed, there are better bikes for you.

You can see the video I made of this bike demo here:

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