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With the one-two punch of the fast new 27.5-inch wheel platform and Liv/giant’s 3F design philosophy, Lust is the ultimate XC all-rounder. The frame, a lightweight, hydroformed ALUXX SL alloy work of art, features plenty of stand-over height for confidences on technical trails. And it has all the right angles to make the most of its smooth and agile 27.5 wheels. Add 4 inches of smooth Maestro Suspension technology plus a 15mm front thru-axle for front end stiffness and control and it’s the perfect choice for XC rides ranging from marathon races to after-work trail rides.


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[Oct 31, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Beautiful bike. Light weight as can be. My XS weighed 24 lbs before adding bottle cage. Eats sand for breakfast. Rides beautifully.


Not much of one, but due to small frame size can't get a full sized water bottle on it. I've only put a little less than 150 miles so I'll update as I go, but can't see any now.

This is a review for the bike shown, which is the Lust 1. This is not the Lust Advanced. The Lust Advanced is full carbon and costs over $8000.

This is my 3rd full suspension mountain bike. I'm 5' tall. I've bought my other two off Craigslist, and while I was happy with them, they never fit me. I've got a 1998 Trek Women's Specific small frame, and a 2007 Cannondale Petite sized frame which my short legs didn't quite straddle. I've fallen over so many times because, when something wobbly was happening, I couldn't get my feet balanced on the ground and would topple over.
My first ride with this bike I encountered something that had me stopping and putting my foot down, off balance on an uneven trail....and lo and behold! My feet touched the ground and I didn't topple. Felt like a major victory.
I love the woods and love riding the trails but am not an adrenaline junkie by any means. In other words, I avoid the super hard, gnarly technical trails. This bike would do wonderfully on them, I'm sure. Who knows...maybe on a better bike I'll become less timid and try some more challenging trails.
But what I've ridden so far has been fabulous.
It's so light I can turn the speed on and leave my riding partners behind. (I think my Cannondale weighed closer to 40 lbs...not exactly sure but it's a beast). This is lightweight and nimble.
It's said they had women design these bikes from top to bottom. Well, thank goodness. I can actually straddle my bike.

And what I said earlier. We've got lots of sugar sand where I ride and it's thrown me to the ground more than once. This bike has me plowing through it like it's nothing.
Love the grip shifters; they are super smooth. I think it's sensible to only have 2 chainrings up front.
When I told someone a year ago I was looking for a new bike (and was admiring the Ellsworth a friend had bought used) somebody spoke up and said, "You may as well wait until the 27.5's come out." I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love this bike.
OK...and it's beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice. The green is a dark chartreuse metallic and it's stunning looking.
A friend bought one the same time I did, but she bought the Lust 2. She was coming off 29" wheels and loves hers as well; said she'd recommend the tire size for any woman.
I'm having a fitting tomorrow. I've moved my seat around and I'll have them cut down the handlebars.
For a first, early review, I can only say that I am smitten.

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