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Deadwood SUS is our 29+ full-suspension short-travel trail bike. The rolling prowess of 29 x 3.0” tires with true-tracking, sure footed Split Pivot suspension gives “rubber adhesive” a whole new meaning. Frame geometry tailored specifically to the 29+ wheel diameter paired with 100mm front and 91mm rear travel yields a momentum-holding, flat corner-crushing ride whether racing or connecting widely-spaced points on unfamiliar maps.


  Available Models:

  • Deadwood 29+X01 Eagle
  • Deadwood 29+XT 1X11
  • Deadwood 29+GX1


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[May 18, 2017]
Cross Country Rider


Big Wheels
Comfortable Suspension
Predictable Handling


My wife made me pay for it.

Making good times on the Deadwood SUS.

As I rolled into the next to last checkpoint on Ouachita Challenge Tour, the guy next to me said, “You are making good time on that bike.”

That quote sums up my experience on the Deadwood.

I look forward to riding my Deadwood everyday.

At the end of 65 miles, I was tired but not beaten up. It would have hurt much more without the Deadwood’s rear suspension.

The Deadwood goes up just fine. During one of my early Deadwood rides, my legs started burning on a fairly easy climb. Then I looked down and realized how fast I was going. I was pedaling through chop that would have demanded my full attention on my 29+ hardtail. Think faster, not lighter. The Deadwood’s big wheels roll up the rocks and roots while its suspension takes the edge off. Remember that on your first Deadwood ride.

Going down is always fun on this bike. On the Ouachita’s wet technical descents, I felt like I had not pushed the Deadwood’s limits. Its “trail” geometry provides predictable handling that works well for me.

As I chug through my hometown’s twisty single track, I am working with the Deadwood to carry more speed through each corner. When I am leading a group ride and want to keep smooth, the Deadwood is as comfortable as luxury SUV. Too bad my engine is not an 8 cylinder.

These qualities coalesce to make the Deadwood my favorite bike of the past 25 years. The Deadwood’s suspension keeps me confident, comfortable, and pedaling through the rough. 600 miles later, even my wife is happy I bought this frame.

For full disclosure, I have been itching for a full suspension 29+ bike since my first twenty-five mile ride on my Stache. So, I ordered the frame and swapped my Stache parts to a medium Deadwood SUS frame. Built up, it came in at 30.7 lbs. on the bike shop scale.

Sure, I could get a lighter bike. I could also give up alcohol and loose 10 lbs. But what fun would that be. I'd rather ride my Deadwood and drink good beer.

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