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The Marshall* experience is all about taking the unorthodox and owning it. It excels in mixed-bag elements and tackles varied, unforgiving terrain with the multitasking muscle of Devinci’s Optimum G04 Aluminum or DMC-G Carbon frame paired with proven Split-Pivot suspension. Surefooted 27.5 wheels enhance traction on slippery surfaces and deliver appreciated stability. And Boost spacing bolsters stiffness for superior handling meets massive pedal power. Charge hard with bikes equipped for one burning desire, to go anywhere and everywhere the others won’t.


  Available Models:

  • Marshall SLX/XT
  • Marshall NX


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[Apr 17, 2020]


3.7 is the score I would give if possible. The Marshall is a pretty cool bike. 27.5+ has seemed to disappear on the front page of mountain biking publications but has a cult type following for the people who ride these bikes daily. The aluminum version has a beautiful hand welded frame. Giant tubes, split pivot rear suspension, boost spacing, this is a frame you can ride anywhere up and down the hill. The build kit isn't bad either. Pike fork, Raceface crank, XT rear derailleur, reverb dropper post, Raceface cockpit. There's really nothing to complain about. The beauty of the bike is this, whether you are a technically sound rider or a newbie you have the traction & gearing to get up any hill albeit not fast (that is not what this bike is about). More importantly when you get to the top of the hill you can point & shoot down hill. The plus tires, Pike fork, and the tough as nails burly frame, can take a beating. It makes the little bit more energy expended getting up the hill completely worth it. This bike is a monster truck & who doesn't like whipping a monster truck


A couple things. Yes pedaling up the hill is harder, the bike isn't necessarily light. But if you are going to ride a real plus tire (2.8-3.2) worrying about weight is like worrying about your sisters virginity... The reverb dropper is only 125MM just would be nice to have more XT 4 piston brakes coming as a part of the factory build would have been awesome Maxxis Chronicles suck to be quite honest...not sure how with everything else on this bike they choose such a bland tire. Schwalbe Nobby Nic's or Terrene Chunk change the experience overnight especially if you are east coast with rocks, roots, and other nonsense.

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