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[Apr 08, 2010]
Weekend Warrior


ALUMINUM FRAME - Light weight means a faster, easier to peddle bike. When he drops the bike, it's easy to pick up and easy to maneuver. And light weight makes it easy for Mom and Dad to store.
HIGH QUALITY - Fewer maintenance headaches and built to last well beyond childhood. (This bike could be passed down from sibling to sibling ... if you could convince the first child to give it up!)
GREAT LOOKING - Fantastic "custom quality" paint job, two-tone seat, clean lines. This is an awesome looking bike. Puts the department store bikes to shame.
COASTER (PEDAL) BRAKES - This is the most intuitive way for beginners to brake. Always available. No awkward hunting for the hand brake.
HANDBRAKE - Most manufacturers with a single handbrake take the cheap route and connect the brake to the front wheel. The Hotrock's handbrake connects to the rear wheel, which is a much safer setup than the front wheel for beginning cyclists. (And familiarization with the handbrake system prepares children for upgrading to multispeed bikes when they get older.)


The only missing feature that I would have liked would have been a quick release for the front tire, to pack the bike in my car's trunk. (Not a big deal, since I drive my pickup truck most of the time.)

I did a lot of research online before buying my son a new bike for his 7th birthday. I was specifically looking for a lightweight, single speed, 20-inch bike with coaster (pedal) brakes. The name that kept surfacing was Hotrock.

My local bike shop happened to have a new shipment of 2010 Hotrock come in. It was love at first sight when my son saw the bike! He was literally jumping with joy! Daddy was impressed, too! The fit and finish details of the bike were first rate. It had a "coolness factor" that has to be seen to be appreciated.

The bike fit my son perfectly - big enough for him to grow into and to enjoy many safe years of riding. While he may move up to a multi-speed bike by age 10, I envision him still riding this bike until he's well into his pre-teen years. For my son, this was (and is) the best bike in the world. Highly recommended!

P.S. This is a great bike to ride around the block or through the park. If you intend on biking more than a few miles or have a lot of hill-climbing, you should consider a multi-speed bike.

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