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Titanium Bully 135mm offset singlespeed dropout frame! If you love 135mm offset dropouts for internal geared hubs this frame is as good as it gets! The offset Bully can run geared, singlespeed, or rohloff. All frames are handmade to order.


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[Jan 10, 2019]


I bought this used from a guy in Canada. He had obviously ridden it very hard, but we cleaned it up and it looks and rides like a brand new bike. Exceptionally light and nimble. Really an amazing ride. I sold my Krampus after I bought this bike because I never rode the Krampus anymore and it just sat in the basement and stared at me. The Krampus deserved better!


Really, if it has a weakness, I haven't found it yet. I guess the fact that the company somehow, at the height of the fat-biking boom, misplayed their hand so significantly that they went out of business is a liability. How they did that, I do not know. The lifetime frame guarantee is now pooof! But, all of that notwithstanding, I'd buy this bike again in a heartbeat. Seriously, I own some really nice bikes and other things, and this is probably my favorite possession.

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[May 03, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Beautifully made, light, fast delivery, great service



Bought a complete bike directly from Twenty2 after reading about them in the MTBR Fat Bike forum. Exchanged a few e-mails with Ben in mid-November '11, and got the bike on December 5. Pretty impressive for a bike that's built to order. I went with a stock geometry, but got to specify finish (brushed, with beadblasted graphics), location/type of cable stops, etc. Ben posted pics of the build progress on their FB page. Nice touch.

Bike looks even better in person, if that's possible. Got it fairly well blinged out, with White Bros carbon Snowpack fork, e13 triple crank, Sram X0, Salsa rear hub, Paul Whub and drilled Rolling Darryl's. Came in at 29 lbs and change, dropping about 9 lbs off my slightly-better-than-stock Pugsley.

Been riding the crap out of it for about 4 months now, and it's my favorite bike of all time (20+ years of riding & racing). Takes the fun of the Pugsley and ups the ante by ditching the weight penalty. Go ahead, call me a weight weenie, but it makes a huge difference. I live in NJ, and have ridden it on everything from the soft sand of the Pine Barrens to the rocks of Allamuchy. Oh yeah, and once on about 2" of snow. I haven't ridden my other bikes since I got this thing. Handling is very much like a normal mountain bike, and the "suspension" is dictated by how low you're willing to go in tire pressure. 6-7 psi is my sweet spot (I'm 5'8" and 150 lbs, for reference).

You might expect a bike that looks like this to be slow, but it's surprisingly nimble and fast. I've turned in a few loops at my local park that are quicker than what I'd been doing on my regular bike (a 26 lb Maverick ML 7.5).

Only issue so far was spontaneously bending derailleur hangers. Quickly solved by Twenty2. Replaced the original 6061 aluminum hanger with a stronger 7075 hanger and no problems since. I also swapped out the creaky original AngleSet headset with a Chris King unit. Everything else has been flawless. Great bike and great people to deal with.

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