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The new SuziQ challenges the narrative of slow, plodding fat bikes. Its lightweight carbon frame and narrow Q-factor are more efficient and comfortable than traditional fat bike, perfect for everything from local singletrack loops to fat bike racing. Short chainstays and extended reach make for a stable and balanced ride that still feels agile. Ride fat, stay fast.


  Available Models:

  • Suzi-Q-90 RSL
  • Suzi-Q-70 RSL
  • Suzi-Q-50
  • Suzi-Q-30


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[Nov 06, 2018]


Year round fun. Since I purchased this bike (-90) in Oct. 2017, I have ridden nothing else. All winter with 27.5 by 4.0 (measured 3.7 on stock 65mm rims) studded terrene cake eaters. Moved stock stud to outside. Learned the expensive way that there was not enough meat to hold a grip stud (am considering a dab of gorilla glue before drilling in the future). Please make me a tire that has slightly larger casing and way more tread depth for grip studs. I see Barbegazi 4.5 works, but studded? Anyway... third wheel in fresh snow is where this bike belongs. Spring, Rasputitsa 2018 (all that forced march business was ridden by me). Took a bike packing trip overnight with borrowed gear, it was Amazing. Jumping, fully loaded, sheared a salsa anything cage right off; this bike can ride it all. This bike came with minion 3.8 FBF front and rear. 2018 comes with FBR in the back. I will try the FBR when I wear out current tires. Summer: The minions have been great. The short wheelbase and increased traction allow me to ride/climb everything. Rigid. I'm 220, run 10r and 8f tubeless of course, and it really is quite comfy (this coming from a 2004 heckler 650b conversion). I'm as fast as I was on my full susser and now no longer wash out when committing to downhill turns. This is a carbon xc race bike with FAT tire cheating!


XTR has not performed up to expectations. Needed to replace cassette far to soon and shifting rather chunky. I had hoped for more. Stock wheels the same as on budget aluminum models exception of a few more teeth in the DT ratchet (for shame rocky, top dog should have carbon rims). The next bars are 3.5 standard and without the benefit of a suspension fork are Very stiff (no flex at The next carbon bars are nice, but have zero flex. My hands do go numb when I forget to relax them). Low BB took a minute to get used to, but not a problem. Bike does not manual very easily. Long tt and short wheelbase the likely culprit. Its a trade off. I can ride up and over most anything in return. I may try a 150mm wren fork to effectively slacken and raise the headtube. This might make the steepest climbs harder, but take care of everything else. I love this bike. It is the ultimate evolution of my first MTB, a rigid Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo red with 1 1/4 headset (circa 1990). If this bike lasts as long as my aluminum heckler I will be pleased.

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