FireEye Shortfuse 360 DJ/MtnX


  • Material: 4130 cromoly
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8" x collared 120mm
  • Seatpost size: 27.2mm
  • Front derailleur seattube size: n/a
  • Tire size: 24" specific
  • Dropouts: 14mm x 135mm
  • Disc brake compatible: international standard disc brake mount
  • Hanger type: horizontal (ASP compatible)
  • Suggested fork travel: 100-130mm
  • BB size: collared BMX 68mm (standard BMX BB shell)
  • Frame color: Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Brown / White / Black
  • Frame size: 14"


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    [Feb 09, 2012]
    Weekend Warrior


    Oh, this is gonna be a long list :-)
    The super short wheel base, makes for a very agile bike.
    It is super rigid, and the rear end is stiff enough to work well with Magura rim brakes, without deflection issues, even without brake booster.
    The horizontal dropouts are 14mm, so it allows for the use of BMX style hubs.
    The chain tension system, works very well, and is easy to adjust.
    The BB shell is USA style BMX, so it can accept any BB available, either as is, or with a DMR adapter.
    The BB is pretty low, so the center of gravity is a bit lower than on most DJ frames. This makes for a nice flowy ride.
    It is virtually bomb proof.
    The quality of the paint job is real nice too.


    It's a bit on the heavy side, at 3.1kg

    I got the frame on a special offer, but at the RRP of 500$, it is still a great deal.
    Compared to the Intense Tazer HT, this frame is super stiff, much less prone to getting dents and damage in general, has a better chain tension adjustment system, and is almost half the price.

    The total weight of the bike is down to 12.5kg, which is pretty fine in my book, for a bomb proof DJ bike with a front brake.
    The relatively low total weight, is partly due to that the frame is incredibly rigid, so for instance brake boosters are not really needed. It also allows the use of lighter hubs, without sacrificing the overall stiffness of the bike.
    Another 0.5kg could be shaved off, by using a lighter fork, as the Fireeye fork is around 1.5kg.

    It is simply the best bike I have, and perhaps even the cheapest.

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