Felt Virtue All Mountain Full Suspension


  • Fork: RockShox Tora TK Coil 120mm Travel
  • Shimano 9 speed Rapid Fire shifters
  • Shimano Alivio Octalink crankset
  • Felt oversize butted alloy riser bar and stem
  • Shimano M445 hydraulic disc brakes


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[Dec 01, 2014]


Equilink, balance, weight, performance for the price


Poorly designed materials, plated bolt inside the equilink susceptible to friction, asinine half threaded hole in the frame.

I had until recently a 2008 Felt Virtue 2 that I bought in 2009. I loved the bike, but Felt's customer service is the worst. Could never get a timely response from them and they don't even have a phone number listed anywhere. Everything you need to order to fix the poorly designed linkage mechanism has to be done through a dealer and there are less and less Felt dealers every year. Had the main bolt that hods the rear suspension linkage shear off twice in two years and then realized that although the bolt was threaded the whole length, the hole it went in was only threaded half way. Per what I learned on some forums, I drilled out the threads from the hole in the frame and problem solved. When replacing the bearings and bushings in the suspension I almost could not remove the bearings from the Equilink as the unnecessary plating on the bolt had flaked and the shards had destroyed all the pins inside the bearings and all that was left was the outer casing. had to use an arbor press to remove. Sent e-mail to Felt and a year later still have not heard back from them. Most recently, my frame cracked at the weld on the rear of the top tube. Took the frame in October to the nearest dealer 2 hours away and 2 months later, they still have not heard back from Felt... AND THEY ARE A DEALER!!!!!! Come on Felt! Not all of us are racers or belong to a team, give us some good customer service. I went and bought a Yeti SB66 to replace my bike and their customer service rocks and I love the bike!!!! Bottom line, stay away from Felt!

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