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Their most advanced mountain bike to date, the MX Divide is a light, appropriately stiff and well-balanced 29" cross country race and recreation bike that incorporates the best features of today's proven suspension technology into our own Fusion Link platform. We developed the Fusion Link system in collaboration with Sotto Group, leaders in full suspension design. It's an extremely efficient single pivot-linkage design that maximizes plushness across the full range of travel while minimizes pedal bob to let the rider become one with the bike over a variety of trail conditions. To complement the suspension system, integrated many of their advanced RSL features, like a 44mm head tube, Press Fit BB30 ,30.9 seatpost and Ti seat stays, to provide increased stiffness and responsiveness where riders need it most. To complete the package we designed the bike with a 100mm fork to deliver the same amount of obstacle -eating travel up front as exist in the rear. Intended use. Cross country racing and riding on 29" wheels.


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[Jul 06, 2012]
Mips Anderson
Cross Country Rider


ride quality, craftmanship, design



The titanium frame, and advanced suspension design, combined with compatible components produces a ride that is as quiet and smooth as any ride attainable.

I was concerned the larger wheel size and frame size would diminish the quick handling I am used to when compared to a dual suspension 26" XC bike. I was wrong. The MX Divide is very quick and responsive to rider input. In fact I have had to lessen my input as the bike would in a sense over react to what I was telling it to do. Once I realized I needed to make smaller adjustments to steering and line, the bike began to track exactly as I was asking it to.

Each time I climb on this bike and begin a ride I'm impressed with how easily it starts to roll, and how steady it is in keeping it's pace. I found that I was covering familiar trails and terrain faster than I had in the past, without working any harder. The bike just rolls faster and smoother than any bike I've ever ridden.

It climbs as easy as other bikes I've ridden, and seems to do so with a confidence I'm not used to. Once you start heading uphill it just wants to keep climbing. Even on steep pitches I find I don't have to heave over the front as you do on most bikes to keep things balanced and keep solid drive in the rear end. While the front end is light and nimble it doesn't want to lift off unless you ask it to.

Another review of this bike characterized this bike as one that is suited for an all day epic ride. I agree completely with that opinion. When you ride this bike you feel like you could make smooth pedal strokes all day long and the bike will just move along quietly rolling over single track of all conditions without difficulty.

What you get from Moots is the frame with the fantastic Fox RP-23 Kashima rear shock. The rest of the build is up to you. I decided to go all out on the build and ended up with a great riding machine that wants to roll over anything and does so with ease. Your investment and subsequent ride characteristics will somewhat be determined by your budget and build specifics. However, no matter what you build with, you will still be riding a very well designed and built titanium frame that has a fantastic ride feel unto itself.

I should also point out that the frame is designed for 100mm of travel. Moots strongly recommends you hold to this suspension travel when you are choosing your front fork. This bike is not designed to be a downhill rocket bashing big drops. If you're looking for a gravity bomber pick something else.

I gave 4 chilis for value only because you definitely pay full price for this quality. This is no bargain machine. Moots has a well deserved reputation for top quality frames and my frame completely measures up to that reputation. And a lifetime warranty is nothing to sneer at. Plus Moots has fantastic customer service, both for owners and dealers.

If you are looking for one of the best 29er dual suspension bikes available today, you won't go wrong choosing this one.

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