Canfield Brothers ONE.2 DH/FR 29er Full Suspension


The anti-gravity gravity machine. Introducing the ONE.2, an all-new 29er downhill/freeride bike from the fun junkies at Canfield. Built around 29-inch wheels and the patented Canfield Balance Formula™ suspension platform, the One.2 is a DH weapon engineered to take on the roughest race tracks and biggest bike-park lines with confidence. And thanks to the ultra-efficient CBF™ tuned linkage, it pedals like nothing with 8 inches of travel should to ensure nothing is wasted, whether you’re sprinting across the finish line or into the next jump. Channeling the pedigree of the original Canfield The One, the ONE.2 is designed to be as versatile as it is capable. By default, it’s a 29-inch downhill bike with 203 millimeters of travel.

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