Whyte Bikes T-130 Carbon RS 27.5 Full Suspension


The T-130 C RS features our new single ring specific Carbon frame, a full width main pivot that increases torsional stiffness, extends bearing life and maximizes suspension performance. The T130 is designed to be a full suspension version of our award winning 900 series hardtails. 130mm travel front and rear and a long and low geometry will give you full trail control.


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[Jun 29, 2018]


This is an excellent all around trail bike. The bike is extremely talented on downhills. On long uphill slogs I lock out the rear shock and surprisingly the bike climbs as well as my hardtail. I did make a few modifications. I added carbon wheels and I ordered the carbon handle bars. I'm sure stock would have been fine, but I prefer the rigidity of a carbon ride. I'm extremely pleased with the geometry of the bike. I'm 5'6 and I find the medium to be a good fit. The trails I ride are very rough. Lots of uphill technical climbs with lots of roots, boulders, and rock gardens.With tough uphill slogging there's always a great downhill reward. I can go places with this bike that my hard tail could never take me. Love this bike and it looks amazing. It just screams quality and it comes with a top notch build. Would buy again and I bought the bike end of season so got a very good price. I purchased the bike based on reviews and I worked with Whyte's online resources. I like buying online. There is less pressure, and sometimes you just want to let things marinaide before pulling the trigger.


Like many bikes with the newer geometries the BB is low which can create a lot of pedal strikes especially when climbing technical terrain. The low BB also allows you to get a lower center of gravity which means you get more control on the downhill permitting a more aggressive riding style. I decided to go with after market 160mm cranks. Problem solved.

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[Mar 17, 2017]
Mr. Lynch
All Mountain Rider


Geometry and stability of a 160mm bike
Efficiency and agility of a 130mm bike
Value - part spec is outstanding for the price
Clearance for 2.6 tires


No full carbon frame option (aluminum rear)
slightly heavier than you would think (only noticeable on the scale, not on the trail)

If your like me, at first glance you might see a 130mm bike and think "XC bike- I'll pass", If you do, you'll be missing out on one of the relatively unknown gems that's now available in the US.

Fit - The sizing and geometry are different than most bikes, but in a good way. I usually ride medium frame bikes but went with a large in the T130. The extra long reach compared to most bikes gives you plenty of room to maneuver around the cockpit, and it allows for a longer stable wheelbase even though the rear is really short at only 420mm. You get stability along with a short, responsive rear that makes popping of things and changing lines a piece of cake. The seat tube height of the large is only 18", so you can run a longer dropper post than normal, which is a huge plus is my book!

Climbing - The low BB and center of gravity coupled with the "in the bike" feel makes for a very stable and well balanced bike when climbing. I rarely get front end lift even on the steepest of switchback climbs, and I never feel the need to put the shock in "climb" mode unless I'm on an extended fire road climb. There is minimal bob so you can feel the bike moving forward with each pedal stroke, vs the suspension soaking up some of that energy.

Descending - First off the bike is quiet! No rattles or clunking, just the buzz of the hub and the growl of the tires. The enduro-esc geometry makes for a VERY capable bike that has no issues tackling terrain I previously reserved for my 160mm bike. The ride is more on the firm side rather than plush, but I've never felt like the suspension was overwhelmed. It tracks amazingly well and even under hard braking the rear stays active and in control.

Trail riding- This bike is an absolute rocket. You can rail turns harder than you thought possible and the bike accelerates scary fast when you put the power in. No wasted suspension motion. It makes you want to ride fast and seek out every little bonus feature you can find on the side of the trail.

Jumping- I absolutely love the feel of the bike jumping. It's fast and stable with tons of pop and I clear things with ease that I struggled with on other bikes. it reminds me a of slopestyle bike.

Setup- One thing Whyte really got right is tire clearance. You can run anything from a fast rolling XC tire up to a maxxis Rekon 2.8. Set it up as a fast rolling XC bike, an all around trail slayer with some 2.3/2.4 tires or even go with the a 2.6 and some 2.8 tires for a near plus bike like experience! Another note, the rear shock is 8.5x2.5, which you generally only see on 160mm+ bikes. This gives you a massive amount of tune ability to get the exact ride you want. Even Clydesdales can run low pressure in the shock compared to other bikes.

Bottom line- If you want a bike that can handle everything from 30 mile epics to steep tech trail and jumplines and everything in between, dare to be different and give the Whyte T130 a shot. You'll be glad you did!




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