Silverback Slider 27.5 Full Suspension


The Slider 275 platform is a high performance alloy trail machine that features 140mm front- and 135mm rear suspension travel for aggressive riding. IDS Revo suspension technology is used on this mountain bike model, resulting in a stiff and predictable suspension feel with great pedalling stability. The 275 size wheel with large volume tyres works perfectly for aggressive trail riding, offering a great balance of grip, stiffness and agility.


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[Sep 05, 2018]


I purchased the Silverback Slider 2 in 2017 as for the componentry and spec its seemed like great value. The Rock Shox Sector Gold RL 140mm fork and Fox Float DPS 135mm Rear shock are very solid performers for the money and are the best part of the bike. Over the course of a year I have put this bike through many tests in New Zealand: Unforgiving trails, Mid distance XC rides, dry and gravelly single track (summer), muddy single tracks (winter) and even some downhill. It handled everything okay - apart from the downhill. I think the for the price and performance you cant go too far wrong with this bike - but for the reasons below cant give this bike 4 or 5 stars unfortunately.


The major issue with this bike: Wheels/Hubs and Tyres. I have had spokes break and had many sketchy front wheel washouts and even one moderate crash from the very unforgiving tyres that come as standard. One of the best value upgrades you could perform having just bought the bike would be the tyres. Other issues: Brakes. If you are an 85kg plus rider be sure to through a 180-200mm disc in at the back. The 160mm rear brake provided will not provide the power you need if you are a serious rider. Seat: One of the most uncomfortable seats I have ever ridden - an easy upgrade however. I cannot recommend taking this bike down any serious downhill tracks (i.e. Cardrona). I realise this is not a downhill bike but I was not throwing too much at it and it really struggled. I was with other riders on similarly specced bikes that dealt with the intensity of DH much better. Overall if you are a beginner or intermediate rider looking to move on from a hardtail and can get this bike for a good price (and dont mind throwing just a few $$ at some small improvements) I would say go for it. If you are an experienced rider looking for something out of the box to rip with - look elsewhere.

Price Paid:
2300 NZ
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[Apr 26, 2016]
Weekend Warrior


Light weight and nimble


I've not really found anything I don't like about the bike. The Orange paint is a bit bright ;-)

I was unsure of the bike when I first purchased it, not being a commonly known brand. But I'v found it to perform extremely well. Remembering that this is classified as a Trail bike so the handling is brilliant and well balanced. Ive found it's climbing ability to be superb and the lockout on the Fox Float rear shock just adds to is climbing abilities.
On the down hills it also no slouch. The Shimano Deore brake package works very well as expected.
The IDS Revo suspension makes for a very smooth ride I had concerns about the potential for pedal strike but it hasn't been an issue.
I opted for the 2x10 Deore front and XT Shadow rear derailuer setup rather than the 1x11 and its worked out well for my style of riding and the local terrain . Shifting is precise and has been faultless from the get go.

Overall I'm very pleased and impressed with the Silverback Slider 2 and would have no hesitation is considering Silverback when looking for my next bike.

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