Salsa Cycles Redpoint 27.5 Full Suspension


Redpoint is our 27.5”-wheeled 150mm travel trail bike for tackling the roughest and most remote all-mountain terrain. Coupled with 148 x 12mm rear spacing, and Boost-148 crank compatibility, you get increased wheel strength and stiffness, and massive amounts of mud clearance. Redpoint’s layout strikes that fine balance between trail bike climbing prowess and all-mountain descending chops. You’ll finish ascents with plenty of gas left in the tank for wide-open runs down the other side.


  Available Models:

  • Redpoint Corbon X01
  • Redpoint Corbon GX1
  • Redpoint Aluminum GX 2x10


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[Nov 11, 2017]
Jimmy of the North
Cross Country Rider


Descents, stability, rails through corners, reasonable build group on entry level Aluminum model.


pedals strike EVERYTHING. This is a very low slung frame. Unsure if all dually "trail" bikes are like this since this is my first long travel bike, but it's really starting to make this bike very frustrating in the woods.

Rear shock required a few shims to de-linearize the compression curve. I think mtb'ers call that more progressive. Shims are in the form of RockShox plastic rings that are almost like rubber bands and get squeezed up into the shock can. $18 for a set.

30 years riding and racing XC bikes....this aging rider spotted a clearance entry level red point for $2400 at the LBS, so I snagged it. Very comfy, handles well, LBS sold it with minion DHF 2.5 tires set up tubeless. These tires really bring the bike to life - I can't imagine this bike with lesser tires. It's main strength is descending and any situation where the bike can establish some good momentum. The bike starts to choke on really steep technical climbs, or really chunky trials-ish rock garden sections...but I can usually muscle it through.

One issue that really impedes it's ability on slow, chunky, woodsy technical trails - esp climbs - is the pedals strike constantly. The rear hub engagement is clean but not fine enough - ratcheting a few horizontal pedal strokes over rocks is challenging. Overall this appears to be a no-frills trail bike (sans the typical bells like a dropper post and boost spacing), that I expect to be easy to maintain and mostly cheap to replace parts.

[Jan 05, 2017]
All Mountain Rider


Climbing, Descending, Stiffness, Cornering


Its not a show stopper on the looks but I do like the gold'ish green and black. External routing but still is easy to route and stays quiet.

So I demo'd this bike, when the Salsa van came, long before I started looking for a new bike. I really enjoyed riding it but really didn't pay attention to the specifics of it. So when I was ready to buy all I remember was that I liked riding it. None of my LBS had this bike in stock though so I couldn't get another ride on it. My purchase was going to be between either the Redpoint or the Bronson. I took the chance and finally decided on the Redpoint but decided to build instead of buying complete. And the main reason I wanted to build was because I knew I would end up replacing the thin (21mm) internal width wheel set that comes with the complete bike. I went with Light Bicycle Carbon 38mm (31.6mm int.) Wheels. And they have been great so far.

I really do enjoy riding this bike and have no regrets in any way. It is a great all around bike. Its killer on the climbs and fast on the downs. Im really impressed with the climbing ability. The grip goes on for days and peddle bob is non existent. They geo is perfect for my style of riding. I put on a 160mm fork that puts the HA at 66.5 degrees so is nice and stable on the descents. I went with a medium and I am 5'10" with a 30" inseam. The bike feels perfect for my size. I am always in the in between area between med and lrg. The Redoint medium #s are almost identical to the large Bronson so keep that in mind. The short chainstays make it fun in the corners. The suspension is supple and will take everything that Ill throw at it here on the east coast.

Last thing that interests me is the 26+ capabilities. It'll take up to 3" 26" tires. Im not sure if I will end up building a cheaper plus sized wheel set to play around with, but for my body size that sounds like it could be a fun option.

I encourage you to test this bike out if you have the option to. I think you'll be impressed.

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