Ghost AMR Riot 27.5 Full Suspension


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[Sep 20, 2016]
Josh Wyte
Cross Country Rider


Agile, lightweight, great bang for the buck, REI warranty


Needs a remote lock out switch for the rear shock

Picked up one of these just this past Friday when I snapped the frame on my old war horse mtn bike. I made a leap of faith on it as I wasn't able to even sit on one before ordering it. Luckily it fits me very well and feels really comfortable. I got the medium and I'm 5'11" 31.5" inseam. I live in Colorado and was able to get out on singletrack a few days ago and a trail ride after work yesterday. A nice combination of rocks/roots/steps and small 1 foot drops. The bike is very agile and light on its feet. Very easy to throw it around, pick yours lines and place the bike precisely. The fork/shock combo felt well matched, I didn't bottom either out. Climbing is where I was happily surprised. The bike felt great! I didn't lock out the rear shock and it didn't feel like the bike was bobbing at all, you can really feel the energy get efficiently placed into forward motion. I do think a remote lock out for the rear shock would be a nice thing to have. I've never had a drop seat post before and I didn't really play with it. I need to get some more riding time and see what I think. I did get caught out by the wider bars though, I'm not used to them and literally ran my right hand into a rock that was protruding into the trail. That wasn't really very pleasant but I can't blame the bike for it, I just need to be a bit more careful until I'm used to the wider stance the bike has vs my old one. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase, I went tubeless with it immediately, the rims/tires that come with the bike support it, so all you need is valve stems and rim tape. I'll update when I get more miles under my belt.

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