Kurt Kinetic Magnetic Trainer


We understand that the indoor trainer market has reached a critical mass of saturation. So, what separates the good from the bad from the ugly? Well, our preference comes down to a few crucial traits -- minimal lateral movement, ease of use, and a low noise output. And we have to say that the Kinetic by Kurt Magnetic Trainer encompasses all of these characteristics.To start, let's explain what the Magnetic Trainer does and how to use it. You begin by placing your quick release inside the 'rear axle' of the trainer. From there you simply turn the side adjustment knobs until it's secure, and then position the roller against the rear tire. As quickly as you set it up, you're ready to roll. Now, in theory, the Magnetic Trainer operates similarly to your standard roller -- only you don't have to ride next to a wall or worry about eating it anymore. Another benefit is that the Magnetic roller is far less abusive on your tire than a typical roller system. And when compared to other stationary trainer systems, the Magnetic's frame is amazingly stable -- preventing lateral flex and sway.The Magnetic Trainer still allows the full use of your derailleurs for either high-cadence or high-resistance exercise. However, if you want to step up the resistance beyond your 53 x 11 maximum, the Magnetic comes equipped with an indexed thumb control. This shifter magnetically changes the flywheel resistance, and mounts easily to your handlebars. And speaking of flywheels, the Magnetic boasts one of the largest and quietest on the market. At 6.25lb (2.8kg), the flywheel provides ample resistance, profound smoothness, and a realistic ride quality. The Kinetic by Kurt Magnetic Trainer is available in the one size and in the color Green.

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