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The Cycleops PowerBeam Pro with CVT features has a built-in PowerTap speed and cadence sensor. With real-time feedback on your power output, the PowerBeam Pro will even self-adjust the resistance to maintain the desired target power setting. Up to over


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[Dec 30, 2011]


I bought this because I was thinking that it would be a more affordable version of a CompuTrainer--perhaps I should have spent the extra money instead and spared myself the headache. I have a Quarq powermeter with a Garmin 500 computer, and was thinking that it shouldn't be any problem to calibrate and get started. Considering the very high price point for this item, it's really difficult to understand why this trainer does not work perfectly each and every time I use it.

While there are loads of instructions--and a video no less--about how to take the trainer out of the box and put your bike on the trainer, there are *zero* instructions on how to do anything once you actually want to start pedaling, and nothing regarding troubleshooting. Each time I've called Customer Support, I've spoken with really nice guys who want to help, but the extent of their advice is to make sure that my tire is tight enough. Yeah, thanks guys. A typical workout for me has the Target Power (the level of resistance that you set) at 30W, the power displayed on the CycleOps Joule (their computer) at 130W, and my Garmin at 210W!!

I've already spent the money and really want to like the Powerbeam Pro, but so far am very unhappy, and would strongly recommend that you NOT buy this product until CycleOps has the following on their website:
1) More instructional videos, including one with step-by-step information on how to get started once you plug in, including for different types of powermeters, including Quarq;
2) More user-friendly information regarding setup and troubleshooting, including calibration and frequency of calibration for powermeters, RU (resistance unit) calibration, and what to do if calibration fails;
3) Provide instructions using the same equipment that comes with the trainer (for example, all the videos show a different Joule (the CycleOps bike computer) then what comes with the trainer);
4) Better customer service, and ensuring that the phone reps have at least used the trainer.

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