Soma Fabrications Woodie 10 Multi Tools

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Soma Woodie 10 Multi-tool. This tool feature chrome-vanadium steel for added hardness and torque ability. Very compact, but still user friendly. Real wood body with burned-in Soma logo.


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[Mar 14, 2008]
J. Randon Psycho
Cross Country Rider


Sturdy. Precise hex keys. Steel case aids rigidity. Doesn't get loose. Wooden covers. Looks down and dirty.


8mm cap (and not a key). Doesn't look glamorous (and that's damn mighty fine with me, so it's not a weakness).

I carry this tool with me even at times when I ride without a backpack. It is rather precisely machined, as I've discovered: given the same bolts there is less play with its hex keys than with my (supposedly German made, but you never know with so many Chinese contraptions floating around) hex key set. The tool is very comfortable to operate thanks to the shape and the rounded wooden covers. It has never came loose in a year of use.

My only gripe is the 8mm cap. I had sufficiently bad experience with the low-end cap on my Cycledesign minitool to scare me off key caps for the time being. However, Soma 8mm cap looks to be superior in quality to the powder metal one. There is another issue with the cap -- it tends to go away from its resting place (on the inner, unused end of the 6mm key) and go rattling inside the tool. If the tool then opens, the cap falls to the outside world (try digging it from under a layer of soft snow it pierced :) ). All in all, the cap just doesn't seem up to the otherwise consistent design.

The next minitool thing I'm going to try out is the Crank Brothers 19-function one, because it has a chain tool and a spoke key that the reviews say to be actually usable :). BTW, I think there is a typo on Crank Bros site where they specify the kind of steel the tool is made of: they say it's 6051 steel, whereas a quick Google search I made hinted me that there is no such steel alloy, but there is the 6150 steel, which is a Chrome-Vanadium alloy (and which sounds like the wording people generally use in describing wrench materials).

Bottom line, I have to subtract 1 point for the 8mm cap, but I may be just too harsh about that -- the cap might actually work, only I haven't had a chance to try it, always preferring the separate 8mm key. Otherwise I think this tool is a very well made member of its species and sure the guys at Soma know what they are doing. I would have bought it again (without much second thought -- very non-typical for me :) ) if I looked for a minitool in this class of functionality. There is a 20-function Soma Woodie tool, but it has the same 8mm cap so I decided to skip on it for now. I also have a pair of Soma steel core tire levers and they totally rock (to the point I don't need anything other down the tire lever department, problem solved for until the industry turns away from clincher tires).

Ah, one thing I forgot. "It doesn't talk much but that's fine with me." :)

Similar Products Used:

BBB Seastar (handy little tool, I still use it at home for provisional torquing stuff and handling mud fenders because it's so easy to reach for). Cycledesign minitool (low-end junk, always getting loose and 8mm cap made of powder metal, it broke). A kit of standalone hex keys (comfortable to use but way too large to carry around).

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