Park Tool AWS-9 Fold Up Hex Wrench Set Tools


Loose bolts rattle on your bike frame. No problem, you brought your multi-tool along. Tighten tighten ? ack, the damn handle on your tool broke. The lightweight composite handle on Park Tool's Phillips/Flathead Folding Hex Set is 40% stronger than steel handles. This folding multi-tool's 4, 5, and 6mm hex wrenches have high-torque industrial steel tips that add even more durability to the Folding Set. Screwdrivers help you tune your derailleurs on the road.


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[Mar 14, 2009]
Weekend Warrior


most frequently needed hex keys and screwdrivers, fiber reinforced handle is tough and lighter than other handles,Full size(fits well in my hand), Simple but excellent quality will last years or perhaps decades, which makes a good value for only 9 bucks.


For just the basics it really does not have any.

Got this one when my hand kept cramping up from using the mini. It's about as long as a full size swiss army and may be a bit too large for some. But, its got the tools that I use most. This product works well, the hex keys and screwdrivers have a good length. The tools rotate 270 degrees out and stop to rest on a plastic lip. its easily got the leverage to tighten with confidence. The plastic handle is similar(if not the same) as gun handle plastic, it's built to last. I take this with me every time I ride and use it for regular bike maintenance. It comes in handy when I give my bike a look over and just tighten anything that may be lose. I just used it to remove and install new brake pads last week. Yes, it does not have a chain breaker or spoke wrench (less frequently used tools), but I carry a park CT-5 and a park sw-2 in my pack for occasions that I'll need them. I only wanted a multi-tool that contained tools I would use regularly and not contain tools that I would rarely use. If you feel the same for your multi- tool requirement, you may want to have a closer look at this one.

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