Sette Air 2 ST-069 Floor Pump Pump


  • Head: Auto dual ead
  • Barrel: Brushed Aluminum
  • Gauge: Analog
  • Hose: 26" Long
  • Handle: Oversize rubber
  • Capacity: 160psi-11 bar


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[Sep 19, 2009]
Cross Country Rider


None - except price and Pricepoint's customer service - meaning they'll keep sending you these until you get one that works.


Leaks in several places (top, valve, and hose attachment to body). Leaks meant max pressure was about 40psi. Presta valve adapter v stiff and also doesn't work reliably. Half the time or more, the air just comes out of the schreader adapter anyway. Pressure gauge jerky, with questionable accuracy. Flimsy plastic base will probably break if you intend to use this for road bikes exclusively.

I got this Sette (Pricepoints, own 'no name' 'brand') pump because it was on sale for $15 and I couldn't therefore justify getting the carbon fibre, super-duper double-barrelled, twin stroke, branded one I wanted that was on sale for $70. I figured that it might take a few more strokes to inflate and it might not last as long, but the former is no biggy and the latter is covered by the fact I can get 4.66 of these for the sale price of the flashy one. Well, the thing arrived and it was perhaps the single most defective item I've ever bought, leaky, flimsy, one valve (presta) unreliable, pressure gauge jerky w questionably accuracy. Luckily, Price Point just said they'd send me another. It hasn't arrived yet (it should have done), but I'm confident that it will and if it doesn't I expect they'll send another. If that doesn't work, I expect they'll send another. So, thanks to the customer service, this is a fine value pump. Eventually you'll either get one that works or you'll get a refund. Buy with confidence! ;)
Make no mistake, this first example I received is a 1-chili product (and only because 1 is the lowest rating, otherwise it would be zero). It's plain [email protected] and doesn't work. As such it shouldn't be described as a 'pump' but more accurately as a landfill ornament or something like that. However, good service can go a long way and the fact that you're pretty much guaranteed to get a good one eventually with a quick call to Pricepoint (should there be a problem - and judging from mine there probably will be), means it's really ok value for the price. Having said that, if it's not on sale for $15, steer well clear. If/when you get a good one, it'll be worth the $15 but no more. The quality of this first product is an embarassment to Pricepoint and the Sette brand they are trying to cultivate.
What the he11 does Sette mean anyway? It's got a 7 for the logo and a French accent in the spelling, but that's not how you spell seven in French! Doh! As far as I can tell, 'Sette' is Norwegian for 'fix'. Anyone else smell irony?!

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